Staff Christmas – delayed by lack of electricity!

Last Sunday evening we had the staff and a few others at our house for dinner and then our Christmas service and party. Marlén brought the traditional Christmas tamales. They were made of freshly ground dried corn made into a thick “dough”. You take a serving-spoon full of the dough and dump it into the middle of a banana leaf, put a bite-sized piece of pork, small potato slice, a couple of peas, a carrot, and a couple kernels of corn (all pre-cooked) in the center, and fold the banana leaf around the pile of stuff. Then you steam them in a big pot for an hour or so – depending on how many you put in at a time and how hot your fire is. They were yummy!!!

Marlene brought pastelitos de carne – like Hot Pockets, only fresh! They had ground beef and spices with a little potato inside a homemade crust. Delicious! We made and decorated several batches of cookies and brought the traditional Coke! No Honduran celebration is complete without Coke … unless you prefer Pepsi. We portioned the food on each plate and carried it to the people where they sat, which is how it’s done here. It’s quite different from our self-service style.

After dinner, we read the Christmas story from Luke, the kids did a drama they had written, and we sang Christmas Carols. Traditionally, they don’t sing a lot of Christmas carols here, so the staff didn’t know them. Wes downloaded songs from i-tunes in Spanish. I think they enjoyed experiencing a little of our traditions, and we all enjoyed the worship time. Normally, people don’t open presents when you give them to them. They open them later, alone, but we asked the staff to open their presents together so they could see each others’ gifts and share. We got them each a Christian novel. They all love to read, but have VERY little access to books! It was such fun to get them something that will expand their knowledge and experience as well as help them spiritually. And we hope to borrow them later in the year to read ourselves! 🙂 Be sure to check out the pictures … as soon as I figure out how to add them!

If you want to hear about it, we can also write about Christmas in our town, but maybe you’ve heard enough!


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