Right around New Year’s, my family (Cindy’s) decided to have a surprise party for my dad’s 70th birthday. They invited me.  In a whirlwind of events, I was able to arrive in PA right around midnight on January 9, sleep a bit and get to his party on the 10th. When Dad and Marlene arrived at my brother Doug’s house, they put a box over me, and I got to wait there till the box was opened. Thankfully, I was the first present unwrapped, and, needless to say, it was quite a surprise!! Like a good grandpa, Dad immediately looked around the room to see if there were Williamson grandchildren to be found. This year I went alone, but in as little as another year we hope to be taking a trip all together.

Meanwhile, Wes was holding down the fort at home. Other than one frustrating day of running around, he was on vacation from camp duties and was able to focus on school. Together they got through four days of school while I was out gallivanting! Not bad!!


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