A little work, a little play and a whole lot of birthday!

It’s harder than I thought it would be to keep up with this blogging thing! I have SO much I’d like to share, but I feel like I have to do it in the right order! And then I don’t want to put too much up at one time because then no one will have time to read it, so I try to put just a little. Then I forget that I didn’t put EVERYTHING up… So this might be long, and you can just read a bit and get on again later to read the rest!

Earlier this month we had a small team come to camp from NY. Each person is connected to Houghton College in some way, which is Jen Hess’s college. That’s how they connected with MdV. We are SO thankful for these guys! They were amazingly flexible! The main ministry they came to do actually got cancelled before they even came, but they’d already bought their tickets, so they came anyway. We’re so glad!

We worked in the rain; we worked in the cold – which to them didn’t feel so cold, since they were coming from a NY winter! Their expertise is along the lines of wilderness camping, so they were used to any kind of hardship we could provide them with! We had several power-outages, lots of unseasonable rain, and many other setbacks. But with their good attitudes and persistence, it was nothing. In the evenings, we ate dinner with the camp staff and their families and had times of worship and sharing testimonies. We also had several coffee hours just sitting on our back porch during hard rain, celebrating birthdays, etc. We had the pleasure of celebrating birthdays with 2 group members!

Actually, that’s a fun story! When we found out we’d be celebrating 2 birthdays, Wes went to town to see if he could find a cake. It was the day OF one of the b-days. He asked at all the places we sometimes find cakes and finally found ONE that was available but not ready yet, so they told him to come back at 4. He snuck away around 4:30, got the cake and we were able to have a nice little surprise party! It was lots of fun.

For the second birthday, we thought we’d make a cake, since it was so hard to find one already made. Jen found a cake mix, but didn’t get any icing. Wes went back to town to look for icing – ALL over town! There was none to be had! They looked the next day, and there was still none available. So we decided to make it. We didn’t have any powdered sugar and all the good recipes called for powdered sugar. NO PROBLEM! We learned how to make it in language school! You just put granulated sugar in the blender and pulverize it! But the power was out. (reminds me of Thanksgiving ) When the power came back, the blender overheated. We ended up making the sugar about half a cup at a time, and it came out nicely… or so we thought. When I tasted the icing, it was all grainy! It seemed so smooth at first, but it was NOT! I put it in the fridge, hoping that would help somehow. Nope. It got worse. So we tried the opposite. I cooked it. That helped some, and the flavor was really good, so we decided not to worry about the texture. One of the group members came to help put the party together. We were just putting water on to boil for hot tea when the WHOLE group came to the door! They wanted to have tea, since it was so rainy! They were an hour early!! We scrambled to ice the cake with hot icing, boiled water for tea, and had everything together in as much time as it took to boil the water. We enjoyed a second little birthday party with cake, tea, and the water from a few coconuts to top it off!

Between birthday parties, we had the privilege of helping with a camp for kids in the Compassion International program in Chamelecon, on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula. Several of the kids in the program weren’t able to leave home because gangs prevented it. We learned even more about flexibility during those days! We had asked how we could support their program and were given a time to share a few testimonies and a time to play games with the kids. The games were planned; we were just to play with the campers. Well, just before the kids arrived (1 ½ hours late) we were asked to do a welcome activity with them, so we put together a song and a welcome speech. When we got to the group games time, we saw that the boys were all to play soccer (which a few didn’t want to do) and the girls were to hang around with a ball watching or playing. We’d prepared a few game ideas just in case, so several team members took groups of girls with a few boys to different parts of the field to play. I had an injured foot, so I sat on the ground and immediately had about 5 kids piled on top of me! Literally. The kids were FULL of questions about us and the group. We had a good time playing and sharing.

At testimony time, one person shared how her response to God brought her whole family out of alcoholism and into GOD’S family. It was a message of hope to kids in a gang-filled neighborhood. I really believe God brought her here to share that with them! Another group member shared how we choose to follow God – basing his testimony on the colors of bracelets we had to share with them. Each child received a bracelet and instructions on how to use it to share the Good News of Jesus with their family.

We also attended their worship times and Bible teachings. That was a cultural experience for many, since it was a very charismatic group. The kids were FULL of emotion as they worshipped God. It reminded me of the story of Mary wiping Jesus’ feet with her tears and anointing them with perfume. She had much to thank God for. These kids live a life we can hardly understand! They rely on the Lord to protect them daily in a way few of us comprehend. It was neat to see them pouring out their hearts to God in worship, even when it was uncomfortable for some team members.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience with this team, who hopes to make this an annual trip. We enjoyed working, worshipping, and ministering together – and playing too!

Here is a link to some pictures:)


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  1. Hi! stumbled upon your blog while looking for the camp…we (my husband and I) are actually looking seriously at serving with LAM somewhere in LA camping. I think we sent you an email a while back. Anyway, nice to hear about the everdayness of what you do! Looking forward to more posts!

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