After reading the entry about our Easter retreat, you may ask why we don’t a big generator to be able to provide a better service. It would certainly help our ministry and make life a little simpler! It would be for more cost effective and fuel efficient to buy a few smaller generators rather than one large one.

We would need 2 diesel generators to power the tabernacle and the kitchen. In addition we’d need four battery banks to keep some security lights and minimal light in the dorms and cabins. That still leaves the people who LIVE here in the dark! Two more battery banks would allow each of us to have exterior lights (for security) and a little lighting inside. The cost of the kind of generator we’d need is at least $1,500 (plus shipping – they weigh around 400 lbs!) and the batteries for the battery banks cost at least $250 per battery (if we can get them shipped from the US). This is a total cost of over $6,000 plus shipping, not including the rewiring and installation necessary to USE the equipment. It is something we’ll do SOMEday, but it will be a big project, as you can see!

Thankfully we do have one portable generator that is coming in VERY handy right now. It is kind of old and beat up, doesn’t like to start and is louder than a lawn mower. But we love it anyway. 🙂


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