Midwest Trip Part 1

Trip Log

I figure most people don’t want the boring details, but a few have asked what we DO on a trip to the Midwest, so I’m going to do this on the blog so those who want to read it can, and others won’t feel guilty not reading our update! We’ll send out the abridged version – “We had a good trip to the Midwest” – in our next newsletter!

The purpose of our trip was to visit financial supporters in Ohio and Indiana. If your left hand isn’t supposed to know what your right hand is doing when it comes to giving, we don’t feel we should post on the internet for all to see who supports us financially and who supports us in other ways. So we hope you understand that this trip wasn’t just to see old friends, even though we care very much about our supporters! Our purpose was to be accountable to those who are sacrificing to support us.

First let me say it was VERY hard for us to limit our trip to Ohio and Indiana this year, but we knew our family couldn’t handle a long trip through Illinois, Michigan – even into Iowa – as we have done in the past. If we were near you and didn’t stop in, I hope you will understand that we had to eliminate a few things we’d really liked to have done for the health of the family. We LOVE to see everyone. Every one of us loves to travel through the Midwest, but the constant good-byes were pretty hard on some of us this year, and the continual change was too much for some of the kids to maintain. We had to amend the trip and not call everyone we’d hoped to see along the way. That was especially hard for me – Cindy. My motto is “hay que aprovechar!” Ya gotta take advantage of every opportunity! So here is how our trip went.

Oct 6-8
Wes came home from Florida a few days early, which gave us a whole week to prepare for this trip. We celebrated his FORTIETH birthday on Oct 5 and left Aldan, PA (just outside Philly) on Tues, Oct 6 in the morning. Now, we’d planned to leave on Wed, so I had my little list of things to do on Wes’s birthday and my little list of things to do on the last day before the trip. On Sunday I realized that the two days were one in the same!! There was a moment of panic as I tried to work all that out. So we didn’t have all the good-byes we “should” have had. We just TOOK OFF! We didn’t buy peanut butter before leaving, we didn’t pick up the cereal on sale at Giant… but we got off on time!

My cousin Yvonne has been faithful in praying for us for the past 6 years – 1 in language school and nearly 5 as missionaries in Honduras. We always get to see her family in Elyria, OH as we pass by, but often the visit is hurried, as we rush on to the rest of the trip. So we went early to be sure to have some time with them. We arrived at the Tinney’s for dinner on Tuesday RIGHT ON TIME (read that line again. It’s the last time you’ll see it in this blog!). We had a good drive, got through most of school in the car, and only had a little science homework in the evening. We had a chance to talk with Yvonne and Rich over pizza about what is going on in Honduras politically, how it has affected our ministry, how the family is doing and we even got to do a little pilates (exercises that are great for your tummy. Ya gotta try it!). We did our school work on Wed while they went about their business and then we took a field trip together. We went hiking and saw a waterfall, beautiful fall leaves, and even a cave! We saw various rock formations in the cave including flowstone and stalactites, which we later found in Joel’s science book. After the field trip and supper, we had to play the traditional card game with them – scum. We got off the next morning to our next stop – Anderson, IN.

Oct 8-10
We missed Scott and Dawn Carr completely on our 2007 trip. They were out of town when we were in the Indianapolis area. Again, we decided to stay 2 nights with them. They have 2 kids near enough to Joel and Abigail’s ages for them to fit right in together playing! So we did a few classes of school on the way to their place, and Ellie brought her science homework in… again. The younger kids didn’t remember each other, but Ellie and Becca remembered stopping there 6 years ago. We had a WONDERFUL time with the Carrs, who took us roller skating with their homeschool co-op on Friday and made delicious food for us to enjoy! Again, we shared with them what God has been doing in Honduras in spite of and through the political turmoil. We shared what we’d been up to for the past 6 years and what we are looking ahead to, but most of all we just enjoyed being together and renewing our relationship with them. We took advantage of the piano and had music class for Ellie and Becca. Dawn is a piano teacher and gave Ellie some key tips that have REALLY helped her already! Thanks, Dawn! She also helped the girls of the family figure out our skin care and makeup situations, since she is a Mary Kay lady. I don’t know what they’re really called. I’ve just always called them Mary Kay ladies. So Saturday we left all prettied up and ready for… IVANHOE’S!!


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  1. Hurray! You’ve had a chance to update the blog! Things have changed on our end of this next week. While Noah is gone, the boys and I were going to stay with my parents, but they are all sick as dogs with pneumonia and such so we are staying up north by ourselves. Not what I had hoped or planned at all, but we will make the best of it!

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