Midwest trip II

Oct 10-11
I have to say that this blogging is really fun! I am reliving all the joyful experiences of the trip without the stresses of getting on to the next place! This is so cool!

A trip to Upland, IN wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Ivanhoe’s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out Upland in a travel guide. There are no traffic lights in Upland – there’s a blinker now, right? But it makes the tourist books because of Ivanhoe’s! There are at least 100 shakes and 100 sundaes on the menu, but you can create whatever you want, as well. Wes worked there after graduation, while he waited around for me. We have friends we meet there every time we’re in town. They’re also Children’s Church teachers in their church, which was our church when we were at Taylor University (TU). We taught the kids 2 years ago and then Cheryl and Tim helped them make a package of cards for us to encourage us to keep sharing the Good News of Jesus in Honduras. We had shakes with the Zeiglers as we arrived. While we were there we received a bonus gift of seeing Hilary Lightfoot – now married, but I don’t have her new last name here – all grown up! Hilary was in our high school youth group when Wes and I were in college. She was in town for less than 24 hours and she and her family had gone to Hoe’s instead of eating at home – a rare treat for them – and there we were a few tables away! It was a JOY to see Hilary, meet her husband and kids and hear what she is doing now – nearly 20 years later!

Then we went to find our hosts – Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Shirley, who we had also missed on the 2007 trip. Chuck and Shirley have a BIG heart for missionary kids (MKs) They were new in town when Wes was in college and have worked on TU’s campus caring for MKs ever since. We enjoyed reconnecting with them as we participated in things at “our church”, Upland Community Church (UCC). UCC – used to be Upland Evangelical Mennonite Church – was our church in college. Wes worked with the youth there for 5 years and I worked there for 2. We met THERE, not at TU. We were also Sunday School teachers and Wes did his internship there. Our schedule while we were there was FULL, but we enjoyed it. We taught Children’s Church in both morning services, talking about the battle against the Amalekites where Moses held up the staff and Joshua fought the battle. While Moses’ arms were raised, the battle was being won. When his arms grew tired and lowered, the battle went against Joshua. We compared that to missionaries and prayer. Missionaries are often like Joshua down on the battle field, but the REAL battle is holding our hands up in prayer, which Moses, Aaron and Hur were doing on the mountain! Then we prayed for the individual missionaries of their church. After church we had a reunion with many of the youth and adults who had gone to Honduras in 2008 to help us build the staff house. We enjoyed connecting with them. They have a real passion for the nation of Honduras, and it was good to share with them. After lunch we had a few hours of rest before Jr. High youth group. We shared with them about hearing God’s voice and obeying – no matter what He asks you to do. This was a part of their series on encouraging each other in the faith. Then we went right into the High School youth group. They are studying doctrines about the Word of God and asked us to share scriptures that had been particularly meaningful to us in our time in Honduras. Ellie, Wes and I each shared. Ellie and Becca stayed for the rest of youth group, but we took Joel and Abigail to Chuck and Shirley’s to go to bed. The big girls ended the night with some games and prayer with the guys who had been with us in Honduras. I got to join them at the very end, which was a highlight of my time.

Oct 12
Monday morning we pulled out to go to northern Indiana – Pokagon State Park – to meet Noah and Liz Kamper and their two sons. The Kampers are going to orientation with Latin America Mission (LAM) in Jan and hope to start language school as soon as they can raise funds. They are considering going to Honduras to work with us at Manantial de Vida. Noah would be “Assistant Director” or some title like that, and he and Wes would share administrative tasks, which would free all of us up to have more hands-on ministry, as well. This is an EXCITING possibility!! We had been emailing with the Kampers for several months and talked on the phone a little, but this was our first face-to-face. We had a great time with them and were encouraged by many ways that we are alike. They’re over 10 years younger than we are, but we’ve never been accused of acting our age! Because of rain, we went in search of shelter and hot drinks and found ourselves at McDonald’s in Angola, which was where we shopped for food while we were on vacation in July – in Angola, not at McDonald’s specifically! We had a time of prayer for them and Honduras before heading back to Upland. So we went to that familiar Walmart and picked up some food for the road. We took the kids back to Gpa Chuck and Gma Shirley’s, where they stayed while we went to a meeting with the mission board of UCC. We have met with them each time we’ve passed through. This year there may be a chance of them supporting us financially in addition to the prayer and work team support they already give!


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  1. I meant to ask you how your meeting went with the missions committee! Praying the guys come home tomorrow!

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