Midwest Trip III

Posting a lot today, since the internet is working!!

Oct 13
On Tuesday morning we were planning to have school, while preparing to head on to Bloomington, IN. Wes had a meeting with Bob, one of the pastors of the church. They also had lunch with a number of men from the area. We had some trouble with kids’ emotions that morning to the point of considering turning back and going straight to PA, but we felt that would be even more disruptive to the family, since we had been looking forward to seeing so many people we hadn’t seen yet! We hadn’t realized just how thin our nerves were, having come off of 2 months of not having a place to lay our heads – or rather TOO MANY places to lay our heads!  Seriously, we felt we could relate to Jesus – or Jesus could certainly relate to us – in our traveling. We had been blessed with many places to stay, but we had not been able to offer our kids a lot of stability. We knew that was important, which is why we spent a whole month – 32 nights! – in “our apartment” in Aldan. But that wasn’t enough for some. And the good-byes were taking their toll. For every person we got to see, we had to say good bye.

We decided to continue on because the kids hadn’t seen my cousins’ kids (except Kristen), who they were really looking forward to spending a little time with.

Oct 13-15
We went to see Brad and Gail in Bloomington, IN. They had a bag of gifts waiting for the kids, thinking they wouldn’t have a very exciting home for the kids these days, since their own kids are grown and gone. Little did they know … what we needed was a peaceful place, which is what we found! This couple was at TU when we were there, and they have always been an encouragement in marriage and family life. Our first night was spent catching up – and learning about Sechuan pepper corns. You gotta try one! It’s a natural anesthetic! On Wednesday Brad gave us a tour of Indiana Univ, and while they were at work we went to a science museum. It took a lot for me to pull the kids away from that… all 5 of them! In the evening we watched the US soccer team play Costa Rica and saw updates on the Honduras game. We all REJOICED as Honduras beat El Salvador and the US tied with CR!!! This means both the US and Honduras advance to the World Cup in 2010!!!! We could hardly tear ourselves away from Brad and Gail! If only we had a week to spend with each family!!! But Tressa’s volleyball game was calling!


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