Missions Conference, Part II

Thursday was a day of encouragement!  We joined the “Missionaries Only” coffee hour, where “seasoned” missionaries shared nuggets with newer missionaries.  We shared among ourselves about some very practical aspects of being missionaries.  It was a time set aside to bless and encourage US.  We spent some time in small groups praying for each other, and had lunch together.  Those at our table were all in camping ministry (“coincidentally”, not planned).  One man is Indian, ministering in India, and another is Peruvian ministering in Peru.  They were able to help us with some creative ideas of how to move forward in a few areas where we’ve hit a wall!  In the evening we had dinner with a missionary family from Peru – the ones who received the team that had planned to be in Honduras last summer.  We have wanted to get to know them and enjoyed our evening meal with them and Pastor Paul and his wife Beth.  Unfortunately we had to cut our visiting short to return to church for the evening sharing times.  I was encouraged by a family’s ministry to mentally and physically disabled through “Handicamp”.  We went home early and got ourselves off to bed at a reasonable hour!

Friday was a quiet day of school for us with a LOUD dinner at night!  Wes and I have been attending a class of married couples with kids – ours are the oldest.  Our families all came together for dinner.  I don’t know if we ever stood still long enough for an official head count, but there were at least as many kids as adults, I’d say!  Besides one newborn, I think there were about 30 kids and 20-some adults.  Two other missionaries were there – one was my Sunday School teacher when I was in junior high.  She is getting ready to leave for Senegal as a missionary nurse.  The other is the man from India (that we prayed with on Thursday) who has been sent back to India as a missionary.  He and his family run Christian camps for churches there.  It was encouraging to hear his passion for ministry to children.  While the adults were sharing formally, I was with the kids telling stories about missionary life – and listening to some WHOPPERS by the kids in the group!

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