Back in Honduras!

Day 1 we arrived at about 12:30 am (2:30 PA time).  We had been praying for the right immigration officer who would allow us to have 90 days free in the country to sort out our residency.  A man was standing in 2 lines and a guard came up and asked him to choose a line and let us through.  We were told which line to go in, and it was the fastest!  At that hour we were especially thankful!  The man was very friendly and gave us all we needed.  It probably didn’t hurt that Abigail had her Honduras soccer jersey on.

We got several hours of sleep (with a.c!) before our friend Mark took Wes to find our car.  No one was answering the phone where the car was, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  Half an hour later they arrived back with the car in working order!!  We went out to lunch at Baleadas Express, where the whole family ate for $10.  Then we tried to get our cell phone up and running.  Unfortunately, even though Wes has a cell plan that he had paid online, if there is no activity on a number for a certain amount of time, they reassign the number.  The same thing happened to my phone, which is prepaid.  They’d said if we just kept a balance we wouldn’t lose it.  We did.  So we also wondered about our house phone, which is a fixed cell.  We bought a new card for my phone, and decided we’d need to stay the night and do our car insurance and banking the next day, so we went back to Mark and Joy’s to hang out.  We received our school books back from a family who was borrowing them and went to bed early!

Day 2 we started by finding out that it will take weeks to get Wes back on the phone plan, and he needs to make some decisions about that.  His number already belongs to someone else, so he’ll probably get a new one.  Wes and I ran out in the morning to get our banking done and pay for the car insurance.  Joy offered to keep the kids while we were gone.  Wes had called ahead and knew what we had to do.  We went to close our old account, and they said they had to wait for an email from the bank where we opened our account.  That was not what they’d said on the phone.  They said it might take hours.  So we left to open our new account with a check instead of the cash from the old account.  That took a long time but went well.  On our way back to the house, we stopped at the first bank to see if the email was there yet.  IT WAS!  We couldn’t believe how smoothly everything was going!  So we closed the account, and they handed us our cash.  You can’t cash a check from one bank at another here, so we had to walk across the mall to the bank where we have to pay our insurance bill with all that cash in our bag.  We were a little nervous about that, but didn’t know how else to do it.  Wes called the insurance agent on the way, and he asked us to come to his office!!! He needed to talk with us about some things regarding our insurance.  There is a lot that people don’t like to do by phone or email here, so he wanted to talk to us face to face even though he and Wes had communicated by email and phone earlier.  Well, for reasons that I will go into if Tony gives me permission, we are changing insurance companies.  So at the end of the day, we had closed one account, opened another, and chosen a new insurance company.  We felt it was important to get the kids home, so we went back to pick up the kids.  By this time it was like 3, so Joy had fed the kids lunch and had them ready to hop in the car to go home.

Now, Mark had picked us up in a 12 passenger van with luggage space.  So we quickly realized our car was no match for our luggage and family! We folded up one seat, and got 5 of our 7 checked bags and most of our carry-ons, leaving the other 6 bags at Mark’s.  We will go back Monday to pick them up.  We have to pay our car insurance on Tuesday, so we’ll have to find a place to spend the night.  We were supposed to start school on Monday, but it is a local holiday.  Then if we need to be in the city for errands on Tuesday, that pushes school to Wed.  We don’t mind now, but we may regret it in June!

We had to stop at the grocery store on the way out of the city to buy meat.  We decided to get everything possible at stores in our town, but we avoid buying meat there, where the power goes off so frequently.  We have so much more to share, but we’ll have to do it another day.  We are home.  It feels like home.  The kids are with their friends and having fun… We’ll let you know how we feel about all that asap!

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