It was the first time for me.

I mean, I’d had them cooked. And I’d had them raw, but drowned in coffee or milk or something like that, but I’d never had them crawling! I had my first opportunity to pray silently, shut my eyes, and chew up live ants!

I was sitting visiting with a friend, who always makes me coffee. I used to explain that I can’t drink coffee after breakfast if I want to sleep, but now I have a few friends who always serve me coffee and I just say, “Sleep is over-rated” and enjoy the visit. This was one of them. I had told Wes I’d be back by 6 – full of energy –and taken a few people along for the visit. Normally we just drink coffee, but this time she pulled out little shortbread-like things. Mine was covered in itty bitty ants. I tried casually blowing them off. I tried lowering the cookie to try to wipe them off, but there was no table to hide under. So I just breathed deeply, prayed for a strong stomach, and ate. The cookie was delicious, and I did end up dunking it in my coffee, so I think some were drowned before I ate them, but somehow I chewed them all up and swallowed. In fact, by the end of my cookie, I had forgotten about the ants … at least until I got home and could debrief!

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