No pictures, please!

Hey! Here’s our latest little adventure. Unfortunately we have a water leak in our upstairs which necessitated shutting off the water to the house. AND, unfortunately the repairman can come on Monday to start working on fixing it. So in the meantime we’re without water in the house. In the kitchen we have big bowls of wash water and rinse water, and we had some paper plates, which we did use. I didn’t even make everyone put them in the fridge to use for the next meal! (That’s one of my tricks to reduce, REUSE and recycle. And the ants don’t bother them!) To flush the toilet we have a basin of water to dump in when necessary. BUT it would be hard to carry enough water up to the second floor for us all to “shower.”

So Wes had the wonderful idea to stand on the cistern and shower with the hose. Since we often have curious neighbors, Wes stood watch while I hosed off. Don’t worry – we wore clothes! But of course, I didn’t want to waste too much water, so I got on the cistern having wet myself with water from a bucket. I got all soapy and realized I had to get back to the building to turn on the hose. I hosed off and wet my hair. I have to say I about screamed when I had to wet my back. It’s been REALLY hot today, and the water wasn’t warm! But I made it. And I shut off the water, went back and shampooed my hair, went BACK to turn on the hose, and went back to rinse my hair!! I never knew a shower could be such good exercise! Personally, I think showering this way would be much easier in partners, but then I wouldn’t have had a guard! So at least I got clean. And I’m currently not sweating, which is a first today. I’m thankful that we have a hose so close by. And I’m thankful that our shower should be functional on Tuesday. So just 3 more days of this! (Of course, that turned into almost 2 weeks, not 3 days!!!)

One frustration in our return has been the lack of internet. We had gotten used to very convenient access, and now it is not working most of the day. But we are THANKFUL when we have it! Other than HOT, we are all doing well in our transition back to Honduras.

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