“Only in Pinalejo!”

“Only in Pinalejo!” I don’t know how many times we’ve said that! Or “Only in Honduras!” So now it’s time to share a few of them with you! If you want to hear “The rest of the story” let us know. We’ll see what we can do! Most of these have happened in the past 2 weeks, though the Fathers’ Day one is old.

We’re in PE class playing badminton in the yard. Suddenly there’s a racket coming from the garage. We all looked up to see a petrified possum hanging from the corner of the roof, looking at us like WE were the strange sight!

We had a nice family day away at a hotel that allows us to use their pool if we buy a meal there. So we celebrated Fathers’ Day by a lovely GREEN (with algae) pool, eating 1/3 pound cheeseburgers and sipping Dr. Pepper (HARD to find here!) from Super Bowl cans! Remember, this was June – just 4 months after the Super Bowl!

One of the girls on camp has a teacher who is going back to school. The class voted that they did not want a new teacher, so their school day is from 1 to 5 … most days… so their teacher can take classes in the morning. But when they have computer class or PE or anything that may have a different teacher, the hours are 11 to… well, whatever is convenient that day. Well, and sometimes they have to adjust that to starting at 10… or whenever it happens to fit the schedule of… well, whoever is making the crazy schedule!

“Joel!! OH! NO! What IS this?! He put a GECKO down my shirt!”

“Get. The gecko. Off. My hair.” (Joel had a little friend he was using to try to upset his sisters.)

A huge gecko drops on your head as you enter the closet and you give thanks to God that it was only a gecko!

You take the book Be Nice to Spiders literally and keep a spider in your kitchen to cut down on the flies and fruit flies this time of year!

We took our friends to a local restaurant, El Típico – The Typical, and there’s a sign at the entrance to the kitchen that says, “Please don’t spit on the floor.”

We just went to that same restaurant for dinner tonight. The power went out and everyone’s conversations continued as if nothing had happened. Everyone kept eating. Eventually the power came back on, and no one had considered anything unusual to have happened – including us!


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