Addendum “…only in Pinalejo”

We put stalks of a local spinach variety in the ground after eating all of the leaves for dinner, and they GREW! We now have a nice spinach garden that gave us the vegetable for tonight’s dinner! It has a nice lavender flower, too.

green twigs stuck in the ground by the light of a flashlight, and voila! Spinach!

So someone says to me, “Wow! You don’t exercise much anymore, do you?” Me, “Well, since school started a few weeks ago, I don’t have a whole lot of time or energy.” With a big smile on her face, “Yeah, ‘cause you’re looking so fat and pretty!” And she means it as a compliment! (Btw, Wes says I do NOT look fat!)

You say things like, “Hey! The power only went out twice today! And it came BACK!” (that was yesterday) We have stopped re-setting Joel’s clock because it’s no sooner set than the power goes out again. We got the kind with the battery backup, but the battery just gets too worn out. It doesn’t work anymore. We need another that sets itself every time the power comes back – THANKS, Aunt Peggy! 🙂


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