Aquaponics, HERE WE COME!!

Wes was scrambling a little today when Polo, our staff member with a friend who has fish to GIVE away, stopped by to say that we needed to go get the fish this afternoon. Wes was planning to have the fish tank BEFORE getting the fish! It’s being delivered on Saturday! So he washed a trash barrel and got it ready to hold the 3 fish he was picking up.

He and Polo drove quite a way up the mountain – very thankful for 4-wheel-drive! They only got stuck once, and made it up without a scratch. Catching the fish was another story. Polo assumed the man with the fish would also have a net. HE assumed Wes would bring one. So how do you get 3 fish – two females and a male – out of a muddy pond? After several attempts failed, they were going to give up and do it another day with a net, when the man realized we only needed 3 fish. He figured they HAD to be able to catch that few!! So Wes said, “What about that hammock?” YES!! Using the hammock as a net, they caught not 3, not 4, but 11 fish!!

Other than a little sloshing of water, the trip down the mountain was a cinch. They arrived at the house, moved the fish into the barrel, got the pump going… and the power went out! It was only out for about 2 hours, so it looks like the fish survived.

And now… when the breeder tank comes – with room for 3 fish – what will we do with the other 8?!? Wes is already warming the frying pan, but I’m thinking a little insurance (a few spare fish in the barrel) isn’t a bad idea!


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