The Adventure, Day Two Part One

Phone rang. It wasn’t on the bedside table. Wasn’t on the other side of the bed… Wes found it in his jeans pocket on the floor. Christian’s mom wanting to know what we were doing. It was 6 am. We were in BED! But she didn’t have one. I asked her if there was any news yet about doctors and realized she was just bored. I went back to sleep. No guilt this time. At 7 we KNEW where the phone was when it rang, and we knew who it was. We told Mom that we’d get there as quickly as possible. We’ve been stuck at this house before. The twins had left for school and their mom had gone back to bed. You have to have a key to get out the gate. Our car was stuck inside the gate! When their mom is asleep, she is hard to wake up! We knew where they kept keys, so we just went through them and found the right one. But you have to have someone inside to lock it again after you leave! Joel got the job! Poor thing. He had been up late, and it was a stressful day for the kids even though they weren’t with me at the hospital. They tagged along on errands for camp and just sat around at the mall waiting for me to call and say I could leave! But he got up willingly and let us out, locked the gate, and went back to sleep. When I arrived at the hospital, Mom had been told that her son would not be seen by a doctor until she left. Hospital policy for “adults”. They didn’t care that he’s NOT an adult or that he is handicapped. POLICY. She was ready to pack up and leave, but Christian still had the catheter, and there were 2 more tests to do. They had told me the day before that we needed an appointment for an ultrasound, which we got for 1:30 Thursday. The doctor had already left for the day when we got there. I saw an order for a urinalysis on the stretcher. Mom didn’t know what it was – just that it had been left there. I asked a doctor who was walking by what to do with the slip. (There ARE advantages to being in put in the hallway!) She sent me to the lab to get a cup. They said they didn’t have any and didn’t know where to find them. Someone there told me to get a bag from ER, but in ER someone else told me you have to BUY them. They are sold outside the hospital – and he pointed. I went to the cashier to ask WHERE outside the hospital. She said it was on the opposite side – where they sell food. I went across to the other side of the hospital and asked someone there. “Well, yeah, but they also sell them down near the cafeteria where hospital staff eats.” So I followed her directions to the cafeteria, where I found the cafeteria and the filthiest bathroom I’ve ever seen! Nothing else. I wandered down the other way and found myself back at the lab where a bunch of people were on strike. Not sure who, but I think it had something to do with the lab. One was being interviewed by a TV station. I decided to go back where I came from. I found a friendly face and asked if she knew where the urine cups are sold. IN the cafeteria. Yeah. Right by the coffee. No kidding. I had to buy one for 50 cents. I was pretty psyched as I went back to the stretcher with my treasure! But when I got there, I started to tell of my adventure and a nurse came by pushing Mom down the hall, saying it was time for her to leave! Then they packed Christian up and moved him. They didn’t say anything to me, so I just followed. We went back into the emergency area where there are beds. There was an EMPTY one. I just stood there against a half-wall leaning on the stretcher. There was a mob of people around one bed. It was a doctor with 15 med students in tow!! He was a great teacher. He spent lots of time drawing details and hypotheses out of the students. And possible treatments. Unfortunately, they were blocking the way to the bed, so I stood there for nearly an hour before they moved on! I helped the nurse get him into bed and settled myself on the corner with Christian’s breakfast. He hadn’t eaten anything in a couple days. I sat there praying. Someone had recommended that we give up on the family. I totally understood why, but I wasn’t sure what to do because it was a CHILD who was suffering. I was praying that God would show me if it was time to just let Christian go. At that moment, Christian nodded at the toast he’d been given for breakfast. I asked if he wanted a little toast with jelly. He ate the bite I put in his mouth and nodded for more. I don’t give away anything for free, so I made his hand sign “please” before I’d give him more. He ate more. He took the whole slice! I made him sign “more please” and he ate the whole thing and asked for more. (He does say more, but no one has ever taught him please and thank you. I’d been working on that before our furlough! No success yet.) He ate all the toast and oatmeal, too! I thanked God and watched as Christian became more and more his normal ornery self! What a joy! In the next few hours I sat and watched doctors come and go, but no one saw Christian. I saw a pastor come pray with a group of people along. He prayed for many patients, but not Christian. It’s OK, I was praying for Christian. I won’t describe all of what I saw. It wasn’t pretty. It was a rough few hours with lots of prayer, some tears, and little conversations. All day I was talking to Christian about Jesus. It was neat – he actually seemed to be listening. The mother of another patient came to chat with me and was very encouraging. The nurse asked me if he could ask a personal question. “Are you family of this boy? Then why are you here?” I may have missed an opportunity to share something deeper because I answered very simply. Helping a friend in need. And I love Christian. Later I thought maybe I should have said something different, but at the time it seemed right. And I’m thinking of making cookies for the nurses. They need a little encouragement in the ER. It’s a tough place to work anywhere, but in San Pedro Sula … I can’t imagine facing that every day! Sorry. I’m gonna have to finish this tomorrow because I have some school work to do with the kids. We’re a little behind this week!


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