Conclusion of the Adventure… Finally

I’m determined to finish this NOW.  There are only 3 hours left to the story, but a lot happened in a short time.  Christian was more and more back to himself.  He was yelling out the few words he uses, not that he was unhappy – he was just feeling better.  I felt good about getting him home.  I’d been praying about an opportunity to talk to Mom about some things.  She showed me a card she’d received in the waiting area.  It was interesting.  A pastor had given it to her, but she knew nothing of the church or denomination he was from.  This card was full of quotes from the Bible, but there were words added in the middle to change the point of the scriptures.  I told her that it was very interesting because it had portions of the Bible, but they had added a lot to it.  That can be dangerous.  And they left it all in quotes as IF it were all straight from the Bible.  It said how to get the Holy Spirit to do a miracle for you.  It told how to begin, but it did NOT begin with confessing sin, receiving Jesus as Savoir or anything else scriptural.  So I said, “Well, this isn’t what the Bible says because the Bible says…” and I went on to tell her the clear plan of salvation straight through.  We were then interrupted by a nurse who brought a liter of blood.  I PRAYED it was for the woman in the next bed.  But it was for Christian.  He said it would take at least an hour but up to 2.  That put our leaving time as late as 4:30.  That is usually our limit at this time of year, since it gets dark by 5:30 these days.  We held Christian down while they inserted the needle to start the blood.  He did NOT like this!!  I called Wes to give him an update.  He said we could leave at 5 if necessary. Mom had to hold Christian’s hand the whole time, but he calmed down for her.

At 3 I went to pick up the CAT scan results.  There was a man in a bed in very bad shape waiting to go in.  I couldn’t get anyone’s attention to ask for Christian’s results. The bed wouldn’t fit through the door.  The guard rail was stuck.  They had to drag him out into the hall again- moaning all the while- to try again.  A woman heard my pleas and told me to push through to talk to the doctor, because if he closed the door it would not open again for a LONG time!  Suddenly the bed was between me and the door.  I was waving my arms yelling, “Doctor!  Doctor!!  I need results!!”  He eventually heard me and told me to come in.  But the bed was in the way!  Someone started to shut the doors.  Someone else yelled NO!  I pushed through and the doctor gave me the results.  DEEeeep sigh.  We’re on our way home!

I practically ran back to ER and showed the nurse the results.  I asked how quickly we’d be able to get out of there, since mom had to work the next day, had a younger son at home and we just really needed to get Christian home.  They started by trying to tell me what they thought I wanted to hear – the culturally correct thing to do.  However, I quickly picked up that it was not TRUE!  I said, “Just tell me.”  Well… the neurologist who had to sign off on his release had left at 3.  He’d be back at 7 the next morning.  DEEeeeper sigh.  I had to tell mom. 

 She took it well.  She went to change her clothes while I was still there to hold Christian’s hand.  He took advantage of the changing of the guard to rip the blood line out!  I yelled for the nurse as I pinched the tube closed, but not before Christian and I were COVERED in some donor’s blood!!  I was able to keep it off my clothes, but it was all over my arms and hands, his face, clothes, the bed …  I just prayed.  The nurse helped hook him up again, and ran out of the room. To wash up?  When he got back and we got Christian changed, I asked if I could go wash up in the nurse’s station.  It was the only place I could find soap in the whole hospital!  I scrubbed like crazy. 

 I called Wes, and he left to come get me.  Christian was yelling, “Food.  FOOD!!”  He was feeling better.  I asked if he could have his food, which was on a cart in the corner, but they couldn’t give it out until they got the list.  Poor kid.  I think he could smell it.  I ran down to the cafeteria to get Mom some supper.  As I got back, Wes called to say he was there to pick me up.  I wasn’t ready.  I said good-bye quickly with and was out the door.  Otherwise the guards would be on top of Wes, kicking him out.  I got the car about ready to fall to pieces.  I felt so awful leaving them in that place again!  But I wasn’t allowed to stay.  It just seemed so wrong that I should go home to my bed!  We drove straight to a KFC with a nice bathroom.  I took the antibacterial wipes we keep in the car to the bathroom with me.  I scrubbed every exposed part of my body with soap and water and then the wipes.  I was going to get something to eat, but there was a line when I came out of the bathroom.  I alternately prayed and cried the whole way home – in the dark.  It felt kind of like survivor’s guilt.  I was going home while they were still in there.

One week later … Christian came home the next morning.  Wes went to pick them up.  He is still somewhat anemic, so I took him beans and raisins the other day.  Our town is out of beans, but I had gotten some in the city.  He was lethargic and Mom said he’d been vomiting.  I was praying and unsure how to respond.  For the moment, we had a Bible study to get ready for.  His brother came to the meeting.  He told me Christian had had a seizure that morning.  That’s why he was lethargic.  So does Mom not understand, or is she trying to play on my sympathy?  She’d only given him half a dose of his meds.  He’d had a seizure!  Duh.  I talked with Mom’s brother and sister-in-law who work here on camp.  We’re working together to keep the house stocked with meds for Christian.  Tomorrow Wes will take a family member to the Health Center, where they can get meds free.  We’re working out a ride with another family member back home after the appointment.  Our goal is to help the family surround this Mom care for her son – for them to participate in his care, too.  But for MOM to be the primary care giver and the one responsible to know when meds need to be picked up.  Pray for the whole Cruz family to rally in support of Christian.  Pray for us to have wisdom and discernment to know when someone’s taking advantage of us!  We don’t want to enable bad habits; we want to support good ones!

Thanks for bearing with the story!  We’re still considering how to help the church respond to the needs in hospitals in this country.  Could they be volunteering in a way that helps the nurses, rather than getting in the way while praying loudly – and not getting dirty?  We want to make a difference!

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