A Far Cry from Last Year…

Noon:  We’re all struggling a little with what a wonderful time we had last year spending Thanksgiving with family and long-time friends.  It was an awesome day … weekend … season!!  We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Rickerts, Andersons, Landoskys (should that be “ies”?), Fuocos, and Aunt Peggy, went to Longwood Gardens on Friday and crashed a Houghton College reunion in the evening.  I was an honorary graduate.  Spent many a “siblings’ weekend” there.  We had a wonderful year.

That makes us think of the year before!  Most difficult Thanksgiving dinner of our lives!  You can look back in the blog to see the long story.  We’d invited our staff families and a missionary with her two kids to dinner.  Off the top of our heads, we remember the power was out all day (and we counted on a crock pot for the corn pudding), we ran out of gas in the generator we’d borrowed, we ran out of gas for the stove, (had more, but we didn’t realize it was out till the oven was about 100 degrees!), a herd of cows got on camp and had to be driven out…  Nuff said.

So THIS year, we decided to have a nice quiet dinner with just the 6 of us.  We prepared for any unexpected surprises we could THINK of (including making extra food in case someone realizes it’s Thanksgiving and stops in for a visit!), and didn’t tell anyone that we don’t have school.  That way local kids won’t show up at our door till 3 or 4.  Sneaky, I know, but we just want to pretend we’re in the US for a day!  So far, we haven’t run out of gas, the power has been on (of course, we’re not relying on it this year!), nothing has burned, and everything is going along like clockwork!  We’re due to eat in 20 minutes.  So far so good!!  (There’s no internet to post this, but we didn’t expect it!)

3:00:  Our meal came off ALmost without a hitch!  Somehow I didn’t notice that the kitchen clock (battery operated because of our frequent power outages) had STOPPED at noon!!  I’m not sure how many times I calculated what time I needed to add the onions to the top of the green bean casserole before I began to be suspicious.  Time sure was crawling!  The clock had moved 5 minutes in about half an hour!  It now says 12:20.  Thankfully, nothing burned, nothing suffered from being in the oven a little extra time, and the fact that our oven doesn’t have temperatures on the dial or hold a steady temperature did NOT ruin a thing!!  Everything was delicious, and we’re getting ready to come back together for pie and coffee in a few minutes.

THANK YOU, LORD for a relaxing day to celebrate all you have provided for us!

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