Preparing for our little friend

Tomorrow at 7:30 we will wecome our little 3-year-old friend into our home for a while.  I thought I’d just post our progress here for those who want to follow it, rather than making everyone read all the gorey details!  I’ll call her “Lis” here.

Today I sorted through her clothing and unpacked it into little drawers that were in Jen’s kitchen when she lived here.  There was room for everything she’d wear on camp in those drawers, and all of the nicer clothes are in our room.  We had put a sort of free-standing  wardrobe without doors in the middle of Joel’s room to make 2 rooms out of 1.  Joel will go through a curtain to get to his half.  Lis will not be allowed on the other side of the curtain. We’ll see how that goes!

With her clothes came 18 pairs of size 7 shoes!!!  So if you think you ought to send something to help out, NOT SHOES!!  Wes bought a baby gate today, which we’ll have to modify, but since our stairs are rough cement, we don’t want Lis falling down them!  And we have another toddler on camp as well as a 6-month-old, so the gate will come in handy – once we figure out how to install it!  He also got those little thingies to lock cabinet doors, outlet covers, some of her favorite foods and other essentials.  I went through all of our craft supplies and put them up HIGH and removed the knitting needles from the balls of yarn – they make good swords, which Lis’s older cousin has taught her all about!  We set up the little desk our kids used for K-3 in a corner of the school room and put number and letter flash cards inside.  It’s not that we have such high expectations.  We just want to be prepared for anything!  So we have a basket of toys in the livingroom, another in the pantry, and Joel took his things out of a little shelving unit and put hers in.

Now we just want to get a good night’s sleep!  We were awakened this morning by a honk when someone who is on camp wanted to leave at 5:30 am!!!  We pray tomorrow will go better.  WOW!  In just 8 1/2 hours Lis will officially be moved in!  Pray for us all!

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