Rough day

Yesterday, Saturday, was a really rough day.  A few different things reminded Lis of her mom right before supper.  She just sat there wailing at the table.  Becca sat with her watching a Max Lucado dvd.  We all joined them as we finished eating.  Lis had eaten nothing.  Every now and then she would reach for the window and cry for her family.  At the end of the video, she quietly cried for more.  I said we’d watch another, but we’d do it upstairs.  I wanted to get her in a room where she doesn’t have memories of her family being with her, so we sat in the school room watching Tom & Jerry in Spanish.  At the end she continued to cry, but only for her mom.  We felt that was perfectly appropriate on day 3 without her!  We got out her photo album and a soft blanket and cuddled on the couch.  Wes paged through the album and we commented on each picture.  Then we let her turn the pages as she wanted.  She stayed on a couple of her favorites just looking at her mom and moaning.  We spent half an hour there in silence.  It was SOOOOO very painful! 

Then suddenly, her stomach growled SUCH a growl! We laughed and asked if she was hungry, which of course she was.  The amazing thing is that she admitted it.  I fed her (at 8:30)while she continued to flip the pages of her photo album, and then she jumped down ready to play.  We gave her a few minutes before having Abigail start the tooth-brushing routine.  The two of them got ready for bed together, and that really helped.  I decided to get Abigail on to bed – with a little personal attention that she has been lacking lately.  While I was standing on the ladder of her bunk bed, Wes brought Lis in to see that Abigail was in bed, and it was time for HER to go to bed, too.  She cried, “No!” but dove for the pillow as they got to her bed.  She was asleep in minutes.

Today was a better day.  At 7:45 Lis cried out for her mom in her sleep, but relaxed again until 8:15 when she got up.  She seems to like a little space in the morning, so we let her get up and dressed on her own.  Once again, most everything was backwards.  Remember those days?  We had breakfast together and did our family Bible study as usual – with one little addition.  Lis was playing in the middle of us all, and we tried to be a little quicker in our responses to not take any longer than necessary.  We had a good time, and she was only a little distraction.

We had decided to spend the morning in a way that kept just the 7 of us together, which is something we often do on Sundays as a part of our day of rest.  We took everyone to the pool about 15 minutes away and went for a swim.  That was a trip!  The girls were all sitting on the steps of the pool letting their sunsreen sink in and playing with Lis.  There was a Honduran family (all adults) there who was also bilingual, which turned out to be fun!  They just enjoyed watching our kids with Lis.  She was hillarious.  She went from Becca’s arms to Ellie’s and then decided it was Joel’s turn.  He said, “No,” but we felt like he needed to take a turn.  She didn’t want to go to anyone else.  He must have carried her around in circles for 10 minutes!  Finally, our drinks arrived (it’s an outdoor restaurant) so he was off the hook!  Then, as we were ordering our food, the other family’s food came.  Lis ran right up to one of the plates and climbed onto the bench at their table to eat it!  The man whose plate it was said to give it to her, so we ordered him a plate with OUR food, and she sat there with his family eating his food!  It was so adorable!  She ate or played with all of his food and was long done when our food came!  But that gave us the opportunity to sit and talk with that family, which was neat.  Some of them were visiting from Los Angeles and others live in the town next to ours.  We enjoyed chatting, and it may have opened the door to get to know another non-Christian family nearby.

As we drove home we talked about our naptime strategy.  Everyone helped carry our things in, and Wes and I put Lis to bed together.  It was the smoothest it’s ever been!  She moaned a little, but she didn’t really cry.  And we think some of her moaning is humming, but we’re not sure.  It’s really very cute when it’s not because she misses her mommy so much!

I’ll have to tell about the evening some other time, ’cause it’s my bedtime.  Pam, I believe you now.  You told me when I was in 5th grade that I would WISH I could go to bed earlier some day.  That day has finally arrived!  G’night!

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