Ups and downs and ups

I just had to get on and let you know that today was a better day!  Wes had to go to the city this morning and was gone till 5, so I was a little nervous after how hard yesterday was!  OK – I just looked back and saw that I didn’t actually post anything about yesterday.  It made Saturday’s rough day feel like a walk in the park.  Nuff said.

Today my strategy was to stay home and keep the environment as controlled as possible.  It WORKED!!  We had a wonderful morning.  The girls had some trouble getting all their school work done, but we got creative, took turns, and it was peaceful and good.  Nap time was short but good.  After nap her cousins came over to play.  That also went fine.  Wes came home and Lis was out playing with Abigail while her cousins played with Joel on the computer.  But then they all played outside and the time came to clean up for supper.

Can you HEAR me sighing deeply all the way from there?  We had another painful time on the couch.  She was asking for her mom, so we got the photo album out again.  She just looked at the cover and moaned.  It was almost too hard for me to open the book, but we felt like it was what she wanted and needed.  Wes came to join us, and we just held Lis while she cried – well, WE cried.  How can a 3-year-old feel SO deeply?  As soon as we felt like we could, we hid the book away and just sat with her.  Then we read a Dora the Explorer book and Green Eggs and Ham – both in Spanish.  By the end, she jumped down and was ready to eat dinner!

When bedtime came, Wes told Abigail and Lis to clean up the toys before bed.  They did it cheerfully; then he said it was time to brush teeth and put on pjs.  Abigail set a great example of immediate obedience.  I was able to see the struggle in Lis’s mind as she looked at them, looked around, and jumped up shouting, “Si!” as she followed them up the stairs.  After brushing her teeth and putting on her PJ’s, she climbed into bed, pulled the covers over herself and flopped onto her pillow.  She hardly stayed awake long enough to hear the Bible story and pray.  THANK YOU JESUS for a good day!

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