The Battle Lines are Drawn…

Well, it’s a good thing there are 6 of us.  This little one has us running around like crazy most of the day.  Ellie is locked in her room doing biology because with the door unlocked, Lis is going in, shutting off the light and trying to put her to bed!

There are pros and cons to Lis feeling so at home at our house!  She is happy and feels free to walk into any room that has an unlocked door.  She has been smiling and laughing most of the day… except when she’s been defiant.  Yeah, she feels comfortable enough to defy us.  She is learning that life is happier when we live within the boundaries set for us, but it sure is a struggle!  And I’m remembering WHY we had all of our kids while we were in our 20’s!  This takes a LOT of energy!  But, again, there are 6 of us!  We take turns getting a break.  Anyway, it was a day of one battle after the next, but hopefully soon we will ALL win!

We decided to stay home all day today and not allow anyone to come visit.  It has been wonderful!  Around dinner time, Lis began to sadly say, “Mama. Mumble, mumble, mumble Mama.”  We continue to say that she is on a trip, she won’t be back today, but she WILL come back.  Her mom is still not permitted to communicate with the outside world, but I am journaling to her every day, and the pastor at the center has made an exception for her so she can receive the emails daily.  I hope it is an encouragement to her.  I’m also hoping that as we tell how we handled different circumstances we can teach her a little about parenting.

I’m trying to post a few pictures now.  If the internet is fast enough, we’ll put up a few.  This little one is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen!  I’m sure you’ll agree.  It is SO easy to love her, but it’s also very easy to get to the end of your rope with her!! She has learned to be an excellent button-pusher to get attention!  We’re trying to give her so much positive attention that she doesn’t have TIME for the negative!  OH!  And did we TELL you that she went around the house giving good-night hugs to each one of us last night?!?! Again, this little one needs so much love.  It’s a good thing there are 6 of us!

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