Baby Steps

In our first week with our DLF, Lis, we saw LOTS of changes.  She went from having an apparent fear of going to sleep to calmly dropping off to sleep knowing we’d be there when she woke up.  I (Cindy) have spent most nap times on her floor working so that someone is there with her when she wakes up.  She had repeatedly been laft alone while sleeping, and really needed the security of knowing she was not abandoned in her sleep.

She went from only relating to Becca and me to having GOOD relationships with everyone in the family.  We’ll never forget the night that she came out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth, ran downstairs to where the “big kids” were and hugged each one good-night!  It was precious.  And she loves to play with everyone in the family, which allows us to share the load – even during school.  There is almost always someone to help Lis learn to play alone… ironic, huh?

Lis’s language EXPLODED!!  She has far more than doubled the words she uses regularly, and she will repeat most things we say to her.  She calls everyone by a name now instead of calling the whole family “Abi.”  When she wants something, she says please – well, her version of “por favor,” and she is so proud of herself for being able to ask for things! 

Now we are having to remind ourselves of the baby steps.  Today we had company, and she was a little shy.  But when our friend Robert greeted her and touched her hand lightly, she didn’t pull it back.  Baby step.  When her shoe came untied, their son David tied it for her, and she accepted help willingly!  Baby step.  When her mom called today, Lis cried the whole time again, but she said, “Adios.”   Another step.  When her cousin showed up at our door yesterday morning – the one who was practically raising her before – and only stayed for about 10 minutes, Lis only cried for about 5!  BIG baby step!  That’s down from about an hour at first!

We’ll have to post some new pictures as soon as we can capture the moment.  Last night while we were in the kitchen, we heard Lis in the living room strumming our mini-guitar and singing, “Sí, Señor, sí, sí Señor.”  In English that’s “Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, Yes, yes, Lord.”  If you don’t know the song, it’s one we sing in our staff worship times.  She had her foot propped up on a chair like Wes used to do when he didn’t have a guitar strap.  It was adorable!!  Now she is adding to her repertoire by the hour.  Mostly Switchfoot songs, thanks to Becca!

We’re tired, but feeling the grace to keep going.  Thanks for your prayers and support.  It’s SO good to know we have so many of you behind us!

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