Peaks and Valleys

Tomorrow morning we complete 3 weeks with Lis living with us!  It’s one of those things where time has flown and yet crawled!  How DOES that happen?  We’re in a time of highs and lows.

We had several days of even keel – Lis was comfortable with us, she had learned to say good-bye to her cousins and come home with our kids, she was content – even happy – to be with us, and she has built good relationships with each person in the family.  We PRAISE GOD for the progress!  We have our routine set, and things are going well.

THEN the time came to deal with some behavior issues.  She had begun to disobey until someone said, “MOM!” and suddenly she was a compliant little angel.  Or she’d disobey me, and I’d say, “WES!”  Transformation!  We don’t see that as true from the heart obedience, so we began to deal with it.  SO… once again there are hours sitting somewhere waiting for her to comply.  (Thankfully no more bathrooms!)  We just feel like our patience has to last longer than her stubbornness.  (Jeff Anderson, I HEAR you talking about “those Cain women!”)  So we wait.  After a MAJOR battle of wills yesterday, Lis was happy, joyful, EXUBERANT!  She was like we’ve never seen her before – eyes glowing with a new light!  We think part of that has to do with forgiveness and resolution.  We are teaching her to come to a place where she can ask forgiveness and heal relationships.  So yesterday was a valley followed by the highest peak we’ve seen yet!

And then came today.  Today was an emotional day for Lis.  We had to bring some new things over from her house.  We discovered that we really need her booster seat if this is going to work for 4 months.  She’s grown and needed some clothes.  AND (most importantly) we NEEDED to find her bathing suit.  We like to swim!  January is a good month to swim in Honduras. (Come visit!  High of 81 tomorrow!)  When I got back with her things, she was excited at first – she saw the bathing suit – and then she sat in her booster, sighed deeply, and said, “Mama.”  She jumped up and was wandering around, so I went to give her a big hug.  The floodgates opened.  We spent some time grieving on the couch, looking at her photo album.  It wasn’t as long or as painful as before, but it was deep and sad.  Then suddenly she handed me Green Eggs and Ham, and we moved on.

The afternoon was great!  She ate well, slept well, played well, and we went to the staff worship time.  She actually helped make sure her younger cousin didn’t run off after a toad!  When the toddlers were dismissed, she helped me carry the toys to our room.  She was very obedient and full of JOY as we played and sang.  With my helpers (Ellie and Becca) away this week, I skipped her lesson and will do it later in the week.  Then when we were ready to go home, she yelled bye to her cousins and went straight to the car!  She really seems to be thriving in the routine.  At home we put her favorite song on before bed (“Stars” by Switchfoot).  She could hardly contain herself!

Then she accidentally found her photo album, which had been put where we USED TO keep it before it was too painful to see on a regular basis.  She fell apart again.  We held her, rocked her, sang to her, and prayed for her until she fell asleep.  It was nearly an hour.  So now she sleeps.  We pray for sweet dreams.  We hope for a better day tomorrow.  There’s still so much pain!


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh guys! Praying for you and Lis and Evelin! What a hard time and yet I can see how God is using this time in all of you! Hang in there friends!

  2. Posted by laurie on February 4, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    WoW-what a difference you guys are making in a little girl’s life! I can imagine, and can “feel” from your writing, the exhaustion that you must experience while consistently disciplining Lis. Well, you were definitely prepared in ThIS area, Cindy & Wes, after raising your own four through this same age-level (although I know that your guys didn’t bring even HaLF the challenges!

    Praying, praying today for your trip, and will keep on praying as you teach and mold little Lisbeth to be like Jesus. We’ll remember to pray for her mom, and for all the sadness and separation issues……

    We love ya,
    Laurie, for all of us

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