Random thoughts from Cindy

Don’t worry; I don’t expect most of you to read this.  I just need to get some things off my mind.

Don’t you hate it when you lie in bed at night thinking ALL kinds of useful and important thoughts, and by the time you get the chance to DO anything about them – the next afternoon, maybe – there’s NOTHING there?!  Welcome to my life.

Thanks to my daughters’ current writing course, this blog entry will be complete with correct punctuation – right down to the semicolons.  Please don’t go through and correct me if I’m wrong.  I just saw that I put a semi in the first sentence and thought, “How NOT bloggish of me!”

I just spent half an hour FINALLY finishing my hair cut.  To let you know how long it has taken, with a few snips here and a few snips there as time allowed, I have had to trim my bangs 3 times in the process!  I just never seem to have time to finish.  Then, as the computer was booting up, I saw my reflection in the screen.  The left side is at LEAST ¼ of a centimeter longer than the right.  Maybe even ½.  (That’s an acceptable fragment, by the way.)  Someone PLEASE tell me it doesn’t matter!

Did you know that next year I will have 2 high schoolers and 2 middle schoolers?  WOAH… anyone else feeling a little older?

I never got to mention any of the amazing things I think someone’s prayers saved us from on our trip to visit Lis’s mom.  They pop into my head at odd times but never when I can write them.  We’re driving in the left lane to pass a row of semis in the right lane.  There is a curve ahead, and knowing Honduran drivers, Wes really hugged that row of semis on our right.  Sure enough, right on the curve a car is barreling down on us in our lane, passing over double yellow lines.  I sucked in my breath (to make us skinnier), and we couldn’t have had more than a few inches on either side as we squeezed between the truck and the … probably wonderful, kind person in a stinkin’ hurry in the car on our left.  I can’t even remember the other things that happened, but it’s probably better that way.  At least the nightmares are over.

Lis is doing all kinds of things a toddler should be.  She asks why every 3 seconds or so, sits and reads book after book in a loud voice.  Says, “Look at me!” (more or less) in those off-seconds when she’s not asking why, and is growing daily in every way!  I was concerned about her lack of understanding of emotion so I began to use books to show expressions and talk about the feelings of the people in the story.  Since then, I have to make the same face as the character in the book who is talking every time I turn a page.  Lis makes me practice it till I get it right.

Do you ever wonder why the main character of Green Eggs and Ham doesn’t have a name?  Does that bother anyone else?  What should we CALL him?!?

The other day I was sitting in the living room.  I looked up, and there I saw a Christmas tree.  Now, it’s not THAT shocking that I haven’t had time to finish taking down the tree (I got all the ornaments off), but what’s pathetic is that I was surprised to see it!  I could have SWORN I already took it down!


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  1. Hhahaha! The Christmas tree cracks me up! And yes, it bothers me that the main character doesn’t have a name. And glad to hear Lis is ticking right along!

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