A dull moment

Don’t worry.  It didn’t last!  I just hadn’t thought of that whole category of things I haven’t had time to THINK about since January!!

Lis has had a few hard moments since Mom stopped coming around.  We did not expect her to just cut off contact, but that is what she has done.  Because of some of our own family situations right now, we don’t feel we should pursue getting Mom and child together.  When Lis went to bed the other day, after asking when Mom would be back and being told we didn’t know, she touched her little set of drawers.  “Mine?” she asked.  Yup.  She touched her bed.  “Mine?”  Yup. Her toys, “Mine?”  Yes.  All of this is yours.  I was so glad she didn’t go on to ask about any of the things that are NOT hers that she has been enjoying in our house.  It was enough to find security in a few things that haven’t changed.

Mom left on Friday and has not been back to our house, though she has been at the house next door several times, apparently.  For this week, I am not going to encourage visits, since that was such a painful time for Lis and we are in final exams and our last days of school.  We received a text this morning, though, that Mom would be here to pick up Lis.  It didn’t say when.  And she didn’t come.  Thankfully, when Lis asked me about mom, I said, “Maybe tomorrow.”  Her reply was, “No.”  She is not ready to trust her again – not after she suddenly disappeared again!  When life settles down, we can try to rebuild the trust, since Mom is hoping to live about 10 minutes from here for now and plans to take Lis to live with her.

Overall, we are THRILLED with how well Lis is doing.  She has had some frustrations with her emotions, but we just keep working through them as they arise.  God is clearly carrying her (and us) through this rough time!


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