Lis’s Transition

We visited Lis down where her mom is staying.  Wes and I were alone, since the kids are at camp.  It was a good visit.  We took a few things down, including a Children’s Bible.  We didn’t want to take her a bunch of treats or anything, but wanted to focus on DOING something together.  So we read a little and then played all kinds of pretending games.  We fed the fish (imaginary), went (several times) to Balfate to visit our kids at camp, pretended to be sick and get well … we had a very good visit.  When we left, we assured Lis of our love and of God’s love.  She seemed content to return to playing with her cousin.

Mom says that she cries a lot, but we assume that is just part of the transition.  When we first arrived, she was being pretty nasty to her cousin, refusing to share anything.  But as the visit progressed, she began to treat him better.  She seems to be experiencing the transition very well.  When the kids are back home, we hope to have her visit up here again.  We’re not sure when to take apart her room, since it is actually Joel’s room split  by a clothes rack and a sheet.  We don’t want her to return for a visit and find her room disassembled, but Joel doesn’t need to share his room with an empty bed forever!

We’re hoping to get some serious organizing done this week, since we just went from 5 kids to none overnight!  Maybe we’ll even get that Christmas tree down!  So far we’ve had so many visits from neighbors that we haven’t accomplished anything.  Can we just be totally North American and lock ourselves inside till we finish our checklist?!


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