Aquaponics Update… Ick

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything about aquaponics since January… and a lot has happened since then!  First of all, remember those genetically challenged fishies?  Yeah, well, they never did grow, grow, grow and I eventually tossed them.  Um, to be more precise, I boiled them in salt water and dried them in the sun, and they are in our fridge.  Waiting.  For some inspiration to eat them.

Thing is, those were free and unfortunately were doomed from beginning.  But I learned a lot from them, and things have been going… well, going, since I bought some quality fingerlings from a breeding company on the 4th of this month.  These little guys will be two months old on Saturday and they are much bigger than the other ones were at four months!  There have been challenges with these little guys.

First on the list was the ick.  Yeah, ick.  It’s easier to say than ichthyophthirius multifilis.  Ick shows up as cottony growth on the fish, they bang themselves against anything in sight, and eventually die, and it is very contagious.  I don’t know if it came from the breeder or if it was because I listened to the breeder when he told me how to introduce the fish into the tank, but either way I’m wasn’t very happy when I saw ick in my tank.  Let me explain… ick can come from drastic changes to water quality, which stressed the fish.  Mr. Breeder man told me to float the bag with the fish in it in the tank for 10 minutes before putting them in… i was planning on 45 minutes.  He told me to just dump them in rather than slowly mixing the tank water into the bag before dumping them in… and I was planning on the former.  Well, he’s an engineer, and I’m just… just me, so listened to him.  Grrrr!

Now, with food fish you can’t just treat the tank with normal ick treatment, so I did some research and ended up treating the system with salt.  Aquarium salt, which I had to buy in a pet store in San Pedro.  They looked at me a little funny when I asked for 17 pounds of the stuff.  Over three days I slowly added salt to the system, and in the end lost about 10 fish to ick and the the system is clear of ick!

Next entry has to do with frogs and electricity…


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