Thanksgiving this Year

Each Thanksgiving is a little different from all the rest for us. One year we made a feast for our Honduran friends, once we had missionary company, once we had roast chicken…
This year it was only the 6 of us. I wasn’t up for a big mob! On our unexpected trip to the US last week, we picked up Pepperidge Farm Stuffing and a can of our favorite cranberry jelly. Due to trouble with our residency renewal, we were left with about 20 minutes to do our shopping in the city! We were able to find a turkey, French cut green beans and French’s onions for green bean casserole. We even found a pumpkin to make pumpkin bread! Every year there are issues. This was a good year for issues, too! NO power outages (of course, we weren’t planning on anything electric since the year we needed a crockpot and mixer and there was no power ALL DAY). The only near disaster happened Wednesday, when the gas cylinder ran out with the pumpkin bread in the oven! We keep a spare, but the oven was cold before I realized it had gone out. The bread was definitely not the highlight of the meal, but it did bake. It’s pretty good toasted!

Note our brand new harvest place mats - hand made by Grammie!

Ellie made a delicious apple pie with Abigail’s help. Ma Ingalls has (had?) the BEST recipe! It’s a new family favorite! Becca’s stuffing was YUMMY, and the turkey came out JUST RIGHT! Joel was in charge of the green beans. The whole family helped with washing dishes all day. We have just enough leftovers to enjoy but not get sick of them! Though we could go for another pie!
Thanksgiving is not the same without a football game, so we watched the usual one. It’s great, ‘cause we get to see the Eagles EVERY year – and they WIN every year (in the end). Ever seen the movie “Invincible”? It’s become our Thanksgiving football! It even snows a little every year. Only in the movie, but shhh… we don’t talk about that!

Bliss, by Ellie and friends

We also worked on a puzzle all weekend. It’s a lot less fattening to do a puzzle of chocolates instead of eating whole boxes of them! It did inspire us to make brownies one night. All in all, we’re thankful for a good Thanksgiving holiday! Maybe next year we’ll have company!


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