The (egg) Shell Game

Okay.  This is a tough one.  Hidden in this photo are two eggs from one of our brand new chickens.  Can you find them?  Look again!  They’re in there!

Hint: they're a little smaller

Joel’s chicken lays green eggs.  Abigail’s lays blue ones, but she’s on sabbatical.  Apparently she recently decided she wanted to be a mom, but her previous caretakers say she should be back to laying as soon as tomorrow.  We shall see.  Becca and Ellie each have a chicken, but they won’t be laying for about another month.  But just THINK!  At Easter, what a time-saver!  Just boil and hide – the eggs are already colored!

Wes and Abigail brought the chickens home late last week, and they’ve been happily – more or less – pecking away at the soil, our flowers and each other ever since.  They’re not going to be free range exactly, but we needed to make modifications to their home today, so they had a few hours to run free.  Yeah, it was going to be ONE hour, but … well, they didn’t want to come back.  By afternoon they were ready to go in, but one – Attila the hen – was afraid of the door.  She kept getting close and running the other way!  So we’d try to get behind her and encourage her along.  Ever tried to herd a chicken?  Not so much.  They pretty much just squawk and scatter.  How can ONE chicken scatter?  GOOD QUESTION, but she can!  After about an hour of running in circles, coaxing, and – yes – praying, Wes and I finally trapped the chicken between us.  I pinned her down while Wes got a good hold on her and shoved her into the pen.  I’m sure she’ll be happy to go in on her own next time!  Of course, we hope we don’t have to let them out again for a LONG time – at least till next week.


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