We’re on cable!

There’s SO much to tell!  Where do I start?  I guess I’ll write chronologically, more or less, and see how far I get!

We’ve been traveling a lot – as usual – between home and the big city an hour and a half away.  So we’ve had to leave our new chickens in the care of other people.  Sadly, we just found out that someone fed them their meal on a Styrofoam plate … and they ate it – Styrofoam and all!  So we researched “what to do when you’re chickens eat Styrofoam” (gotta love having internet access again!), and gave them a laxative – olive oil.  They haven’t laid any eggs since the plate incident, and we’re REALLY hoping this will help them! Honestly, I’m just glad it wasn’t something I did!

About 2 weeks ago, a crew from the church’s TV station came to do a simple interview with us.  They were putting together a Christmas special for the show “Nuestra Fe” (Our Faith), and they were going to interview us about our Christmas traditions and how they point to Jesus.  Well, we thought we were going to be a segment of the show, with interviews with other people combining to make the whole show.  Nope!  It was the Williamson Hour!  We sat in our brightly lit living room (as it poured outside) and visited with Pastor David Romero … for a LONG TIME!  We were supposed to do 4 10-minute segments, but on the first segment, no one saw the “2 minute” cue, so we didn’t wind down the conversation.  By the end, we all felt like those 10 minutes would NEVER end!  That’s because there were 16 of them!

Setting up the living room for the interview

We also thought that we could make mistakes and fix them or try again or whatever.  Nope.  Each take would be edited, I guess, but just things like which camera would be used, not to edit out Spanish errors or awkward silence or anything like that!  That’s pressure in any language!  We do know that at least one person invented a word that does not appear in the dictionary … yet, but we think it was understandable.  We had a good time, and we hope and pray people were pointed to Jesus.  We know people watched because we got all sorts of emails and notifications from people who were watching.  Ellie even got a facebook friend request!

The show must not have been a complete failure, since they aired it again yesterday.  One of our staff got a phone call from her family in another city that they were watching us on TV!  Of course, since we can’t get any channels here at camp, we’ve never seen the show, but 2 of the TV station staff have said they’re bringing us a dvd next week!

You may ask (as I did) who actually watches the channel.  Does it really get the Good News out to people who need to hear it?  Let me share a few things we recently heard.  First of all, when we were on vacation and had cable in the hotel, we were channel surfing, looking for something decent that we could watch as a family.  As we climbed toward the English-speaking channels, we heard a voice we recognized, went back a channel, and there was Pastor David, interviewing a guy from Argentina.  We left it there and ended up watching for over an hour.  It was nice – and even uplifting!  But how many families end up doing that?

At the church staff’s Christmas party last week, people were sharing experiences they had related to the ministries of the church.  One young pastor, Leo, shared that as he was walking into the bank, a woman he passed burst into tears. “Oh, great!  What did I do now?”  Well, it turns out she recognized him from TV and went on to share what an impact one of the shows had had on her.  She was going through a hard time in her life, turned on the TV, and the show that was on was a real encouragement to her – Leo’s show.  Stories like that make us excited to be a part of a greater ministry here in Honduras!

More on Christmas later!


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  1. Posted by mark ayers on January 7, 2012 at 4:42 am

    Cindy, You and your family look beautiful! I am so happy you are doing what you love!

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