A Poultry Interlude

Before I continue to write about Christmas, I have to tell you what is happening right now.  One of the chickens got out of the run this morning, and I saw her at the door, trying to get back in.  I ran out to open the door, apparently leaving the side door to the house open.  She ran off as I was getting the door in a position so that she could get in but the others couldn’t leave.  I just stood patiently by the door until I began to hear strange sounds… coming from the living room!  So as I type, I am watching this chicken try to dig into the living room floor – arranging her non-existent nest so she can lay her egg!  I don’t want to disturb her, since she obviously wants to lay an egg, but I’m not sure what she’s kicking around!  She is in a corner between the keyboard case and a box of … I don’t know what!  It’s just an unused corner, really.  So what do I do?


  It may not look like it, but this is our living room!

Not 5 minutes later, she got up and calmly got up, wandered through the room looking for food (as I tossed crumbs toward the door) and walked outside!  I went to check the corner, and look what I found among the radios and chargers!

Radios, chargers, cables, and egg! A perfect nest!


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh Cindy!! That is hilarious! And you are so right, I would have done the same thing, grab the camera!! And I love it that it’s blue!

  2. Ha ha! I just figured out how to reply to your comment! We now know that we have 2 chickens laying blue-green eggs (slightly different shades) because while one was laying in the house, another was laying under the bamboo. We’ve suspected there were 2, but we couldn’t be sure until today. They were both laying every other day on opposite days. Today we have TWO!

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