Who’d’ve thought?

When we got 4 chickens to see how much work it would be to have laying hens on camp, we had NO idea there would be SO many blogging opportunities as a result!  We still want to summarize what we shared about Christmas in our interview, but the chickens just keep TRUMPING!  You gotta hear what happened yesterday!

First let me remind you that Cannibal (Joel’s chicken) laid an egg in the corner of the living room on Friday.  Technically, I guess it’s the dining room, but it’s just one big room, really.  We laughed about the irony of her choosing a “safe” corner to lay her egg in the very room where it would be eaten!  The next day she laid an egg in the PANTRY!!  We didn’t even find it until Sunday, but it was cold, and Becca had chased her out of the kitchen on Saturday.  Sunday she did not lay an egg!  On Monday I let her in the side door to see what she would do.  She walked in, laid her egg in the corner and walked back out the side door!  Hysterical.  But it gets better.

Over the weekend, we moved the chickens’ pen and have begun to try to keep them in it, rather than letting them free-range – eating all our garden plants!  So on Tuesday, when Abigail’s chicken, Attila the Hen, got out of the pen and laid her egg in little nest she’d made before, Cannibal got jealous.  She was banging against the chicken wire, trying to escape from the pen!  Meanwhile, Attila was trying unsuccessfully to find her way back in.  We decided to try an exchange to see if Cannibal would go straight to the side door of the house and lay her egg in the corner, as she had before.

Here’s where it gets amazing: I went to the door of the pen, and Cannibal came running to get out, but Wes did NOT want us to have 2 chickens loose at once, so I didn’t just open the door.  Besides, the others had not yet begun laying, and we want to train them from the start to lay eggs in the nesting boxes.  Wouldn’t that simplify life?  We did NOT want all 4 chickens on the loose – especially while I’m in the middle of school!  So I went inside the pen and prayed, “Lord, if this is a good idea, would you just make it happen?  You sent the animals to Noah on the ark, so you are obviously able to lead them if you want to!  Please sort the chickens how they need to be sorted!” and all 3 indoor-chickens walked into their coop!  So I said, “Lord, do I wait and see if Cannibal comes back out or just let Attila in now?” and out walked Cannibal into the pen, leaving the other 2 inside.  I shut the door to the coop and began to look at how to get Cannibal out of the pen and Attila inside.  Again I prayed, and AGAIN Attila walked right up to the door, which I opened for her.  The coop door was closed to keep the other chickens in, but Attila clearly wanted to go get a drink of water.  She was trying to go in the BACK of the door.  So I said, “Lord, I know this is silly, but if you want this to be successful, would you show her the door?” and she backed out of where she’d been and walked right through the door as I opened it!

From there it was easy to just leave the doors open for Cannibal to walk out of the pen and into the house, which she did.  While she was laying her egg, we decided how we’d catch her to put her back when she was done.  We left the opening of the side door only big enough for her to walk out, and Wes waited outside to grab her.  Apparently he prayed silently and suddenly thought of making a snare out of Joel’s fishing line.  He ran up to get it, yelling that he hoped he didn’t miss his opportunity!  As soon as he had the trap laid, the chicken popped up from her “nest” among the cords and walked to the door.  It’s glass, and with it open so little, she couldn’t find the way out.  At this point, there were people nearby and it was a little more embarrassing to pray for something as silly as a chicken to find her way out of my living room, but I just said, Lord show her the way, and immediately she found the opening and placed her foot precisely in the snare Wes had laid for her!  He snatched her up and put her back in the pen, where she happily spent the rest of the day!!

Cannibal's Attila's and Kevin's eggs

We celebrated with Huevos Rancheros for lunch!  Notice the PINK egg among the others!  Kevin (if you’ve seen the movie UP, you’ll understand why Becca picked this name for her chicken!) has started laying eggs, and they’re beautiful!  Will wonders never cease?

So what is the point of all this?  Well, you know, I think that God DOES care about the silly little things in our lives!  Clearly, he is ABLE to handle the little DETAILS we often don’t bother praying about.  Sometimes I think we don’t want to hassle him with the little stuff.  But, really, is ANYTHING a hassle to God?  I don’t think so!  If he cares about our hen laying an egg in the place she is comfortable (or a sparrow, for that matter) how much MORE does He care for us?!  (Luke 12:5-7)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lisa Buckwalter on January 12, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Reading this, I felt so close to you. I can just imagine the drama, I was laughing aloud while I read. Thanks for sharing the gritty part of a chcken’s life. I especially enjoyed the photo of the electronics nest with the lonesome egg among the wires. One of the kids should write a book from chickens’ perspective. What a hoot!

  2. Posted by Deborah Dombach on January 12, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Cindy – this is hilarious! What a fun read to begin my day 🙂 Thanks for blogging! Would have made a great YouTube video.

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