Ups and Downs

Woke up feeling great!

Wes left for San Pedro before the kids were up.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL early summer morning (from a temperate climate perspective).

A chicken got out but was easy to return to the run.

I needed to finish what I’d started in the outdoor closet of our house.

I found the wall-hangings we had to take down for one of our many house emergencies last year.

The box was hard to get off the floor – stuck.

As I lifted it out of the closet, termites ran up my arms.

A picture frame and the box had been eaten by termites.

They were still eating!

CHICKEN FEED!  There was some satisfaction in watching them nourish our birds.

Back to the closet …

One by one I took the frames out of the box.

Only half of each came.  Sometimes less.

Back to the coop with more chicken feed!  Looking on the bright side…

Our wedding frame is metal!  But the termites got in and ate the matting.

Other pictures are completely eaten with just the ink still stuck to the glass.

Ellie’s baptism photos are completely untouched!  Just a trail on the frame!

My pictures from Brad for the changes of season!  All ruined.

New picture frames destroyed before they had pictures in them.

The sky is a beautiful shade of blue!  One of my favorites.

A dragonfly-like insect flutters around a plant.  Never seen one like it before.

You have to smile at its beauty.

The shot of our family of 4 in Singapore is almost completely eaten.

More destruction. 

Our kids’ craft mementos from MK camp. Can they be salvaged?

MORE CHICKEN FEED – and now they’ve laid 2 eggs.

Creation is really beautiful.  What a blessing that this is happening outside and not inside.

BOTH frames and pictures of Dad and Marlene on their anniversary are gone.

It’s time to just cry.  Not loudly enough to be heard.

No use crying over spilt milk … or devoured pictures.

Joel’s frame can be salvaged.  Maybe his MK buddy has another copy of the picture.

I’m gonna BURN what’s left.  We’ll have to fumigate.

The sky is still beautiful – should have washed clothes.

Amazing… the leaf stuck to the wall turns out to be an intricately made moth.

Who knew insects could be so beautiful?

It’s a sad day, but life goes on.


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh Cindy!! How hard! So sorry friend!

  2. Well, there have been bright sides! The pictures of my mom and my grandparents and Wes’s dad (all of whom have passed away) were NOT in the box! They were in a drawer inside the house! One of the two of Dad and Marlene was able to clean up just fine, and is back in the livingroom. I still haven’t completely dealt with the MESS of the frames – I just can’t bring myself to throw everything away, but I’m ready now. I just had to get sick enough of the mess. 🙂 Thanks for caring!

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