Just sittin’

For days I have wanted to write about the HEAT as I sat sorting good beans from fine beans from garbage beans.  The kids and I just prepared nearly 50 pounds of beans for sale.  They’re packaged in 2-pound bags with a cute little label that says, “Frijoles del Manantial” (Beans from the Spring), which of course is the name of the camp – Manantial de Vida.  Tomorrow we hope to sell them to church members who are interested in supporting our efforts.

Today I sit in the heat, too.  Ellie is taking the SAT at an international school in San Pedro Sula.  I am waiting for her to finish.  She could be done in 10 minutes or 40.  I’ve been here for over 4 and  a half hours.  I haven’t had so much alone time since… I don’t KNOW when!  It’s been really good.

We’re staying with some friends who own a hotel that has more of a Bed & Breakfast feel, so the drive to the testing site only took about 5 minutes instead of an hour and a half!  We plan to do something LIGHT and EASY and FUN when Ellie is done!!  It’s been interesting trying to prepare her for a test I took … too many years ago to remember anything helpful, while living in a foreign country.  I do feel like she has had a bit of a disadvantage.  But we’ve had GREAT support from a math teacher and a writing teacher in PA, and I think she was as prepared as she could be.

Ellie is drooling, though, because she had to pass through an AMAZING library to get to the room where the test is being given.  Who knows?  It was  hard for Ellie to leave her friends and family to go on the mission field, but I think it was even harder to leave the library!  No offense to anyone – that’s just Ellie.  So I’m hoping we can find a way to come back here – though I’m told it’s a VERY private and exclusive school.  We shall see.



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