Beach Trip

While Pam and Jeff and family were visiting, we had a wonderful mini vacation in Tela, going to a quiet beach, playing at the pool, volleyball on the beach, and more!

Fitting 12 people and all our luggage in the rental van was no easy task, but Wes is a master packer!

Richard, they guide in the background, was also our guide 6 years ago – the only other time we took a guided tour!  He is working with a different company now, the one we used to book THIS tour!  I really wonder what God has in mind here – that of all the guides in this tourist-town, we got the same one twice!  I pray that we will make an impact on his life.

Joel, Caleb and Becca had custom made seats on the beach

We spent as much time as possible on the beach, letting our lunch settle and getting a little more snorkeling in!

From our seats on the beach, we swam out a hundred yards or less to where there were some of the most beautiful reef fish we’ve seen in Honduras.  Becca saw a lion fish, I saw a fish the size of three Abigails hugging each other (Abigail’s length but three times her thickness!), and we all saw MANY fish of all the bright colors of the rainbow!  It was gorgeous and worth every minute!

Abigail, Jordan and Ellie

It was a beautiful day to swim, snorkel, make a sand lizard, or just relax on the beach!

Becca, Wes, Jeff, Jordan and Ellie

One of the BEST parts of the day for me was hearing Evan’s squeals of joy and wonder (at least that’s what I think they were!) as he saw new and wonderful things on the reef.  It really is amazing to see another part of God’s creation!  It makes me wonder just how beautiful Heaven will be!!!!


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