How in the world did Noah do it?

I know the Bible says that God sent the animals to the ark, but from there, how did Noah handle everything?  Besides all the lizards, frogs, and toads, we have 4 dogs, 4 sheep, 3 goats, 3 chickens (yeah, there used to be 4), 10 chicks, and one hamster on camp.  And we’ve had our share of issues!

Maggie is our new Rottweiler-lab mix.  We had a broody hen that not only was not laying, but also would not let the other chickens near the nest!  Wes tied her to a tree just outside the coop with Maggie watching.  Wes gave her a stern warning, and Maggie went to the other side of the house.  Everything was fine until we had to go in for lunch.  I saw a black streak through the side door and Wes shouted, “Maggie, NO!!” as he ran outside.  I have to admit – as horrifying as it was to watch – it was also a little funny.  There was Maggie, wearing her “cone of shame” (see the movie Up if you don’t get it) with chicken legs sticking out one side and a head sticking out the other.  She was trying to eat Cannibal (Joel’s chicken)!  I was pretty scared when Wes SHOT across the yard with shoe in hand yelling at a Rottweiler to put that chicken down!  I couldn’t watch.  I just prayed.

Now, it’s a good thing Maggie doesn’t have canines.  They seem to have rotted.  Cannibal was pretty shaken up (literally), but she seemed OK, other than a possible broken foot.  Of course, Wes was immediately talking about soup for dinner, but some of the girls decided not to eat lunch after all.  In the end, Cannibal got an infection before Wes had time to slaughter her, so… we lost a chicken.  To be honest, she was the one we didn’t really want to keep.  The staff was just bummed that we lost a good meal.  We haven’t let Maggie SEE the hamster we inherited. J

This morning we had a brand new sheep get all tangled in her rope.  She had gone around one post several times and then around another 3 times.  One back leg was caught in the rope and stuck up in the air.  As she tried to free herself, her leg was in danger of breaking.  Now, Wes was in the bathroom trying to finish painting before we had to head out of town, so I went to see if a woman’s touch would do the trick.  She was REALLY stuck and in her struggle against me laid down on her rope – still with one leg dangling above her!  I talked to her and calmed her and prayed.  What had looked like an impossible puzzle was not so hard to undo – to keep her leg from breaking.  But then she tried to leap into the air, and got SNAPPED down to the ground because of the short rope.  Joel ran for Wes.  In the meantime, Maggie discovered the fun and came to watch.  She has been fine with the goats, but she was really anxious about the sheep!  The more she barked, the more the sheep startled and ran around, causing the one whose rope was still tangled (just not around her) to lunge and jump.

Wes came and tied Maggie to a tree not too far away.  That helped calm the sheep.  Till we started grabbing each one to tie off their ropes.  It’s hard to describe what we had to do, but my job was just to grab and hold each sheep still while Wes did the tying.  It went well for the first one, but the second tried to kiss me… or something!  I got her forehead right on my cheekbone with a CRACK!  It felt like it passed right through my head and out the other side!  I stood dazed for a second, but dove back on that sheep till we’d finished the job.  Joel helped with the third and I was back on for the 4th.  That one had watched the process with the other 3 and had a getaway plan.  Joel joined the fun and held the front of her while I flopped on her back.  Yeah – and in the poop and who knows what else on the floor of the pen.  When I was finally able to stand, I couldn’t walk straight.  Wes said my face was already getting black.

How in the world did Noah do it?  Did God tranquilize all the lions and tigers and Rottweilers for the duration of the trip?!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Deborah Dombach on June 19, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    This is exhausting just reading it! I’m sure Noah had lots of grace like you guys have/need!! Thanks for sharing with us your excitement 😉

  2. Posted by John White on June 26, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Outstanding story! God had to put those animals into one His lion-and-the-lamb mentalities to make it work, otherwise I don’t see how there wouldn’t have been massive carnage. Just like Noah, you already have stories that last a lifetime and likely beyond! Thanks for passing this along!

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