Abigail’s Good Idea – June 25

This is an entry that never got published. Since it was written when we had bad internet trouble, I’m guessing we couldn’t upload it.

I felt like someone was standing above me with a pitcher, slowly pouring water all over me, as I finished painting the first coat in the upstairs bathroom.  Abigail came in.  “Mom… what if we went down to the hotel and just jumped in the pool ate a quick lunch and got you back in time to start the second coat?”  Hmm… that might just work!  And if we’re careful, we can each eat for under $3… It’s SO HOT!

In five minutes, we were in the car, ready for the pool.  Our internet has been weak to non-existent, so Wes and Becca needed to get a little work done where there’s decent internet.  In spite of my morning, I was surprised to see the car thermometer read 108 degrees when we got in.  It was parked in the sun, but STILL!  I’d been on a ladder in the upstairs.  It was HOT!

The plan was to eat by the pool, which is smaller than most backyard pools in the US, but serves us well, since we’re often the only ones there!  Yesterday, however, a professional soccer team that stays and works out there was gathering by the pool.  How strange it was to be the center of attention and stares among a group of nationally famous athletes!  But our families’ blue eyes attract attention whenever we’re around people who aren’t used to seeing us.  Three of us slipped into the pool (wearing our shorts for added “protection” from stares), pretending to be oblivious to the comments and whistles of the players.  The others went inside to order food to bring to the pool.

Soon the majority of the team was there, and it got harder to pretend not to notice them, but the pool rules say that you may not use the pool and eat inside!  We decided to break that rule, since we’re regulars and on friendly terms with the owner.  As casually as possible, we dried off and slipped into the restaurant, where we met a few men from the local military base.

The US army is partnering with the Honduran army to build clinics in four towns around Honduras.  The town next to ours is one of them.  US soldiers have been coming and going for a few months – doing 2-3 week turns building.  These three men are supervisors of the project and have been in the area for several months.  One of them commented on the number of youth volunteers he saw arriving in Honduras to work while he was serving in an airport here. It’s another kind of army.

There is one month left in their time here, and we were able to invite them up to camp and promise them some 4th of July cookies. 🙂 You know, if the soccer team had not been by the pool, making it uncomfortable for us to eat there, we would not have had the pleasure of meeting the army officers!  Sometimes the little things make a big difference.  I wonder what God has in store.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rothvalj on September 7, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    How cool…also how great it is that you get to swim in a pool

    Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

  2. Posted by Rothvalj on September 7, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Sorry ..I hit reply before I meant to This is such a great story. I am sure the army guys were witnessed to by your lives:) 

    It was so great to see you guys this summer.I am amazed at all u have been through…may !God bless u

     Ihave not forgotten to send Wes the sermon I mentioned…. I just need to get a teenage boy to do it!  We are down to 1 because Andrew went to college now… boy do I miss him!  If you think of him will you pray for him as he told me this was the most Temptation he’s ever been exposed to in this life… I believe it. Having said that God is giving me grace and I am doing ok.

    God bless you and protect you

    Love Val for all the Roths Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

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