Back to the World of BYOTP.

Bring Your Own Toilet Paper.  We’ve settled back in to what has become our world.  We’re 3 weeks into the school year and have had school in the house, in the truck and tomorrow in another missionary’s house.  We’re back to our world of laundry that hangs on the line to dry – until it starts feeling damp again as the afternoon sun gets weaker and the humidity higher.  Back to chickens that don’t want to lay when or where they’re supposed to.  Back to daily power outages at random times.  Back to life.

We’re used to the humidity.  Those in PA who thought it was humid in July?  Well, be careful when you visit us!  The air HIT us – like a suffocating blanket in summer – as we stepped off the plane in San Pedro Sula.  It has let up some days, but other days, it just feels like the air is too heavy to lift our arms!  We are SO thankful for the air conditioning units that were donated for our bedrooms!  They’ve really helped make the transition easier.

AND we’re back to hugs from Lizbeth, Daniel and Fernando that are more exuberant than ever!  Back to Monday afternoon visits with the ladies when they come to report to Wes.  Back to our own beds and living space.  Back to flowers we’ve worked hard to root, plant and prune.  Back to a tree full of limes – our first harvest!

We’re back to weekly Bible studies and worship times with the staff families.  The little ones can now sing along with gusto!  And they remember the Bible stories we have taught in the past and can help retell them!  This is a first for us. 🙂  It’s exciting.  We’re back to eating popcorn as we watch a recorded show on a laptop in the dark when the power’s out.  We’re back to overnights in the city with friends to be able to attend church and youth events.

We’re all enjoying being back home, though we never wanted our trip to end!  I had wanted to blog as we went.  I have a new understanding of those who do a trip blog and don’t post very often.  I’m just glad I never told anyone I intended to do one!


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