Power’s Out

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a day like this.  We’re fully into rainy season, which means chilly days (70 degrees!), cooler nights, and more power outages.  The power went out around 3am, so I’m told.  Of course, when there’s no power, there’s no washer.  Hence, no laundry to hang.  No internet.  Not phone signal.  No light, since lanterns really don’t do much good in the daytime.  Thankfully, we don’t need fans today.  It’s 75 degrees in the house!  Remember, that’s chilly for us!  But we DO need hot water!  None of that either!  In fact, today there is no water.  Due to morning showers, the hot water tank was empty early on.  I’m still waiting for my turn!  Without the pump, we’ve got no water pressure to get upstairs.  If this goes until evening, I’m going to GET water and boil it.  I’m just not up for a cold bath right now!    

Last week one of the little boys kicked over our Coleman lantern, and the globe shattered.  That means we’ll cook in semi-darkness tonight with not-so-bright candles and a gas lantern.  We weren’t sure how to get refills of fuel, and we only had 2 canisters left, but that lantern was awesome!  The only disappointment was that we were always mistaking it for the power coming back when we came into the room lit by that lantern! 

When the power’s out, we try to open the fridge once per meal.  We plan the ingredients from what we remember is in the fridge.  One person holds the flashlight and one or two are placed strategically to grab things from the door and shelves.  “one, two, THREE!” Grab, saying aloud what you’ve got so it’s checked off the list.  It’s a rush.  Really.  If we missed something, we have to decide whether it’s worth the risk of opening the fridge again or not.  We used to have SO MUCH food go bad in these power outages, and now we rarely throw something away because of loss of power.  If we absolutely have to open the freezer, we do that first, grabbing a few ice packs, which we toss in the fridge for a little boost of cool.  Or at times we save them in the cooler to keep leftovers from rotting while we wait to open the fridge for the next meal.  Strategic living.  Strategic eating!  Doesn’t matter if the foods “go” together!  Eat what will rot the quickest!

Tonight we’re having pork chops that I got out of the freezer yesterday.  We have some leftover rice and something else that looked interesting when I opened the fridge for lunch.  I can’t remember what veggies we have, so I’ll have to think fast on that one.  Rice is one of few things I reheat in the microwave.  Guess we could make it fried rice and use the wok tonight!  That would be yummy!  The onion is from 2 days ago, so it will go bad if it doesn’t get eaten.  That works.  Of course, there’s still the problem of vegetables.  I guess we’ll wait and see.

We have Bible Study tonight, so I start cooking at 5.  I could build a fire in the back yard and cook where we have more light.  That sounds promising.  If all the wood isn’t wet.  But we’ll have to boil some water for washing, ‘cause I just can’t take a cold bath right now!  Time to start.  I’ll let you know later how it goes!



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