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Dinner was good!  The wood in the back yard was wet, but I found coals in our Smokey Joe grill.  We just build little wood fires in it, and there were nice coals leftover from last time.  DRY coals!  Using a cardboard box, I got the coals hot and at least got the pork chops started – with a nice pine smoke flavor.  Sometimes it’s fun to play “camping” in real life.  So I grabbed the pork, rice, some leftover salad, and cauliflower out of the fridge.  Cooking on the back porch gave me light until about 5:30 I chopped the onion out there, too.  With a flashlight tucked between shoulder and neck, I made the fried rice while Ellie got the cauliflower ready.  Our stove is propane.  Our first was electric.  We replaced it ASAP by necessity.  You just can’t rely on an electric stove in Pinalejo!  With the fried rice done and the cauliflower on, I got the skillet ready to finish off the pork.  AND THE POWER CAME BACK!!  So we got to see our food while eating.  That’s often nice.

So there was no need to boil water for baths after all.  But while I was cooking, Wes decided to postpone Bible study until there is power – tomorrow night, we hope.  It would be hard to handle the kids’ class without that Coleman lantern!  It helps SO MUCH, since the little ones are afraid of the dark.  The last time we had to use flash lights, they spent the whole evening begging to go to bed!  How often do toddlers beg to go to bed?!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for getting things done.  On the bright side, there was no laundry to fold today!  Before going to bed, I set up the fridge for a quick grab at lunch tomorrow… just in case.  Breakfast will be powdered milk and cereal. 😉


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  1. Posted by Valerie on November 15, 2012 at 2:52 am

    Glad to hear things turned out better for you! May God grant you continued grace and patience in those “regular” difficulties.

    Valerie Roth

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