Midtown Madness?

I’m thinking of “selling” a work team experience in Honduras as a LIVE option to a video game.  What do you think?  Every time I have to drive in Pinalejo on a Sunday I feel like I’m playing my nephews in Midtown Madness!  If you’re not familiar with the game, I’ll just tell you what we experience here, and you can imagine that in virtual Chicago, and there you have it!

Driving down the hill to town, we have the usual dips and curves of the road, and as my niece put it, “Wait! You mean this is two-way?!”  With so many people coming down the mountain to town on Sundays, it can be an adventure just getting to town.  As we approach the right turn that puts us on Pinalejo’s main drag (in other words, the paved street), we have to squeeze past one or two pickups that are loading up to 30 people for the drive up the mountain.  This puts us in the left lane making a right turn totally blind, since the trucks are halfway in the intersection.  There’s usually a bus sitting right there loading people to head to the city and sometimes a couple of vans, too.  Lots of people work in the city, come home for the weekend and head back on Sunday afternoon. 

Then there are those that, according to our friends, are from where they don’t have cars, so they just wander the street like a walk in the park.  No path.  No direction.  It’s not the kids we have to worry about but the older people!  I mean, there ARE kids, but it seems like the older ones don’t understand how much of the road a car takes up!  Men just stand in the middle of the road chatting, and it’s like it’s face-saving not to give way to a car coming down the road!  We have to crawl around them, hoping not to run over any toes!  Of course there are animals, too – mostly chickens and dogs.  You get the idea.

Well, coming home from San Pedro on Sunday was a bit like that – only at high speeds!  It seemed like all the Sunday drivers were out!  There are those out for a “stroll” and those that think they’re in the races!  We were in two cars, since we’d picked up ours from the mechanic.  I don’t know how many times I looked in the rearview mirror, expecting to get rear-ended right into Wes.  There was the time a semi was parked in the right lane, and we all had to stop.  And of course…

As we got to Quimistan, where we turn off the highway, the real fun began.  The sun was setting on the horizon, but we couldn’t take the time to enjoy it. There was more pothole than road!  I’m used to doing 3-5 things at once, but I had to stop talking to the girls while we wove left, right and all over the road trying to hit as few as possible.  Then a guy on a bike decided to cross just as it was getting dark!  Of course, he was dressed in jeans and a dark shirt.  Probably riding a black bike, for all we could see!  And there are people who PAY to play games like this! 


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