Scary day… comic relief!

We got Jackie’s call Thursday near the end of the school day. “Tim has hemorrhagic dengue, and they don’t expect him to live through the night! They say he needs to be hospitalized, but in Honduras, hospitals KILL people!”  They go in with one thing, get an infection and never come home.  This is what we hear from our neighbors, but we’ll get back to that.

What do you DO? First we prayed. We encouraged them to go to the hospital we were told to use in an emergency – nearly 2 hours from their house.  But they were on the way. Then we frantically began to pack!  School for 4 days, clothes for 5 at least. Food for Becca’s special diet. We were planning to house- and dog-sit for a few days to take care of appointments in the city. But we planned to leave on Friday and had not done any packing yet.  Meanwhile Wes made phone calls. Three calls confirmed the best hospital to go to, since everyone recommended the same one!

Within an hour we’d given away the bananas that were ripening in our house, fed the dogs and chickens once more, said good-bye to the staff and TAKEN OFF down to town. In town Wes had to pay a staff member who doesn’t live on camp. The whole way down there was a racket behind the car – like we had a “Just Married” sign on the back of the car – complete with soda cans bouncing along behind! In town we discovered the muffler was hanging loose, banging on the ground! Elmer, without a thought, threw himself down in the mud to check it out. After struggling to remove it, he and Wes decided to tie it up. Meanwhile we’re watching the sky.  It’s overcast and drizzling, so it won’t stay light past 6. At this rate, we’re going to hit a dangerous spot in the highway just after dark! And we began thinking about fast food, since I was not going to have time to bake the pizzas I had been planning for dinner.

Leaving Pinalejo, we had to pull off again. The muffler was banging more than ever! Wes tied it up quickly, but there was … well, horse poop under the car. He laid in it. Head, back, arms, legs… yeah. We had used the napkins in the glove box for the mud back in town. Nothing but hand-sanitizer to clean him up! Then he wipes his hands on his shirt!  BAD MOVE! The shirt is covered in poop… you get the idea. Yuck.

We found out we were at the end of a long line of cars – most likely with Jackie in the lead! She has not really driven much in Honduras, and is NOT comfortable with the ruts, potholes and curves of this thing they call a highway! The trip from our house took nearly 3 hours, all stops included. That’s twice the normal time! But Tim got checked in to the hospital and we went on to find dinner.  You’ll never GUESS what happened at dinner.  So I’ll tell you as soon as I can.


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