Stretching our faith…

After running into Dave Hughey’s dad in a restaurant just down the road from where we were staying, we took our food “home” to eat – and to get Wes’s shirt washed! (Don’t forget the horse poop!) We dropped our stuff in the various bedrooms, leaving the  baby’s room for Jackie, so she could have a little privacy and peace.  Sat down to eat – feeling a bit high strung.

Cell phone rings. It’s TIM! They’ve decided to check him out of the hospital against the doctor’s orders, yet with his blessing. They had to sign papers saying the doctor did not advise this, yet he DID allow it, saying they could take Tim to another hospital a few hours from here. Meanwhile, Tim AND Jackie are spending the night with us. No problem. We can handle this. Joel will sleep in the baby’s room, 4 of us in the guest room (in the most awesome bunk bed around – queen on the bottom, single on top, single trundle!), and Ellie will be on a couch. We move the bags accordingly. Jackie and Tim arrive. Jackie’s first words?  “Did I mention we’ve got Joe along (changing his name for his protection)?” I’m thinking Am I supposed to know who this is? Is it a workman I don’t know about?  “It’s OK. We brought his bed!” OH! Is it a new DOG?

Uhhh… nope! A teenage boy gets out of the truck! He speaks no English, and Jackie is so stressed, she’s not necessarily remembering this fact! We go out to meet Joe, as I rack my brain trying to figure out a new sleeping plan. There’s only floor space in the living room, but Ellie can’t sleep on the couch with a strange boy on the floor… Ellie goes to the baby’s room, and Joel gets moved to the living room couch! Problem solved!

Throughout the greetings, we find out that Joe is a kid recently rescued off the streets of Tegucigalpa. Just out of a gang. His good friend left the gang recently and was killed for it. He’s not allowed to use a phone, cell, the internet, or any other device that can communicate with anyone who might want to harm him. He knows this, but he can’t necessarily be counted on to make wise decisions. Oh dear. And here we are in someone else’s house. With 2 phones that connect to the US and 4 that can call around Honduras. 3 cell phones. Internet access. i-devices that can connect with the internet. A couple of laptops… OH DEAR! We tell Ellie to lock the door when she goes to bed, since we don’t know this boy.

You’re familiar with the phrase “like death warmed over.” Well, that about describes Tim, only he’s COLD! His lips and tongue are gray. Totally gray. And he’s very dry and kind of swollen. We sit and chat for a few minutes about our afternoon and evening, while making sure everyone has a place to le down. We sleep with our door open. I’m using the term “sleep” very loosely. This is still the night Tim is not necessarily supposed to live through. Faith is great when the lights are on, but when everyone starts to go to sleep, I begin to wonder what in the WORLD we do if we wake up with a corpse in the house. (I can say this now, since Tim is fine!!) I prayed ALL NIGHT LONG, only dozing a little here and there.

At 4am, Tim calls my name. I’m so thankful HE called, or I’d have feared for his life! They’d decided in the night to take an earlier bus to the other hospital. Since the taxi driver we’d set up would need to come about 5 hours early, I give him a call. No answer. Shocking! Honestly, I was wondering what in the world to say if he DID answer at that hour! In the end, I woke Wes to take them to the bus station. Poor Joe doesn’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if he was half asleep or if Jackie told him about the change in English! She told us she speaks in English for the first several minutes of the day NO MATTER WHAT! So we told Joe what was going on and got them out the door. It’s still dark. I sit on the couch to pray and read my Bible until Wes gets back around 5:30. He sleeps for an hour before he has to get up for his meeting. When he leaves, I go to sleep! FINALLY!


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