The Answer

So Tim, Jackie and Joe rode the bus for about 4 hours to get to a different city in Honduras. We’d been trying to contact the people at the other hospital in the evening Thursday and all morning Friday. Just after 9am Jackie called to say they were about to arrive and had not been able to connect with anyone at the hospital. I got on the internet – sometimes they don’t have cell signal out there. There were no answers to my emails yet, so I sent another, asking for an immediate response. After about half an hour or so, we discovered that there had been a misunderstanding. There were no platelets available in that part of the country, and if he needed a transfusion, he had to go right back to San Pedro Sula – to the SAME HOSPITAL! They were feeling a bit flustered, but had spent a nice 4 hours in an air-conditioned bus. It could be worse! So they bought return tickets, and I arranged for Wes to pick them up at the bus station and get them back to the hospital.

At the same time, we had to face the fact that we really didn’t have a suitable place for Joe. We were in someone else’s home – and they were out of the country. We had several appointments in the city – dentist, doctor, mechanic, pastor, etc. We weren’t sure what to do with him! It was very hard to do, but we had to take Joe to the bus station and send him to someone’s house who could provide the supervision he needed. We could see how hard it was for Jackie, but we also could see what a relief it was to let someone else take responsibility for him right now. And he is in a town we plan to visit after Christmas, so hopefully we’ll get to see him there! Jackie just needed to be able to focus on Tim!

So Tim was finally in the hospital for the “long haul.” They said that day 5 was most critical because many people begin to feel a bit better on day 4 and overdo it on day 5, when their body is actually weaker. They tire themselves out and bleed internally. Tim was feeling horrible on day 5, and the doctor said he would have an emergency that day – he’d crash in some way, but they’d be ready.  We decided to pray that there would BE no emergency. God said yes! Tim spent the day peacefully in the hospital. His white blood count and platelets dropped, but he did not have any emergency. His levels began to normalize by Sunday, and they released him to go home and continue with outpatient blood tests.

We struggled a tiny bit with the fact that “nothing” happened. Did we all make a big deal out of “nothing”? But when Tim returned for a follow up with the doctor, the situation was clarified. The 50-50 chance Tim had been given for survival was WITH a blood transfusion (which he did not have). Without the transfusion, the doctor would not have really given him a chance of survival. Maybe 2 in 100? Maybe. We had asked God to give Tim the miracle of no crash and no transfusion. He did. We’re so thankful that Tim is gaining strength and doing well! Praise God!


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  1. Posted by Lisa Buckwater on January 7, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! May God be praised for these answers to prayer! Love, Lisa B.

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