Gazing at the Christmas Turkey

Gazing at the Christmas Turkey

Our friends had never SEEN such a big bird! They all came to the kitchen to see the turkey we brought from the city!


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  1. Posted by Val Roth on January 8, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    How wonderful that u could get such a big Turkey! Did you have a good Christmas? I was terribly sick so it was a real challenge. So many people here have the flu it’s amazing. And some people it’s lasting for 3 weeks or more.Do people get real sick over the winter in Hondorus? Wishing you wholeness!

  2. HAha!! I finally figured out how to post a reply! We did have a good Christmas. It felt like our busiest ever, partly because a group was renting camp for the whole week – 24th to 29th! We have a lot of allergy issues in our house at this time of year, but our coolest weather is over. Now there are all sorts of things in bloom. Maybe I should post some pictures! We get a yellow carpet over everything from the pine pollen. I can hardly imagine you all freezing while it’s like late spring here! 85-90 degrees!

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