A Lamb… in my Living Room?

Somehow I feel the need to defend myself. I’m not some animal-lover who just has to be surrounded by animals. Save the whales! I do love God’s creatures… most of the mammals anyway. But this lamb is special.

Our daughter was healed on Easter of a gluten intolerance that was being called Celiac Disease, though the final tests could not be done because she had been gluten free for a year. I’ll give you the long story on that one after I get her permission. Our family was rejoicing in that and other victories in the lives of many at the Easter retreat on camp. We only had a couple of hours to celebrate before we got the call that one of our female sheep dropped dead in the field on Monday, leaving her own 3-week-old lamb and a 5-week old she had begun feeding. In the same call we were informed that the two newborn goats had died in the night. They were fine at birth! It felt like satan’s attack on our JOY in Becca’s healing!

When we got home, both lambs seemed to be doing alright. We just watched them for a few days.  They seemed to have latched on to a ewe that was at least caring for their need for milk. But we gradually saw the little male faltering. Then it hit me. He is the firstborn male of our entire flock! We had set him aside for the Lord. We were talking about what that might look like in this day and age. Obviously we aren’t going to take him to a temple and sacrifice him! But something that has been very important to us is to live out the scriptures in every way we can.

In the past several months, we have done a verse-by-verse study of Genesis and Exodus with our staff, followed by a study of Galatians. They had never studied the Old Testament, and after reading about the Law, we wanted them to have a New Testament perspective on it. In response to all this, we decided to dedicate our firstborn male to the Lord by either preparing and serving a meal for the pastors of our church or by doing the same for kids rescued off the streets of San Pedro Sula. We have also considered donating him live to the ministry to street kids if they want to start a small flock. Our desire is to give back to the Lord out of the blessing He has given us. Thankfulness is our motivation, not Law. We want to follow the principles in the Old Testament, without thinking we somehow have to participate in the sacrificial system. So when the set-apart lamb started to fade fast two weeks ago, that was just not acceptable! As Wes and I prayed, we felt we should bring him home.

The black sheep of the family

The black sheep of the family

We had no idea what it would mean to bring a lamb into our home. In fact, we had not even thought about the night until after supper! The lamb, Chico, could not stand up on his own and was too weak to walk very far without falling. He would not survive a night in the sheep pen! So we put him in a box in the living room. That’s when we brought the spare mattress down to the living room floor. Someone had to be there to help him stand when “nature called”. We had to try to get milk into him – ounce by ounce. According to his weight, he should have been taking about 45 ounces of milk per day. He took 7 that first day and not much in the days that followed.

Is a lamb really worth such a struggle? That could be argued. Is a sacrifice to the LORD worth so much trouble? Absolutely! So for the past two weeks, we’ve had a lamb in the living room.


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  1. Posted by Val Roth on April 18, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    This made me smile:) wow……………..I didn’t knowBecca was healed!! hallelujah, that gives me chills.Rejoicing with you! Val Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 18:12:11 +0000 To: rothvalj@hotmail.com

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