2 days … and counting

5.75 checked bags packed. 4 carry-on bags packed. 6 personal items half-packed.

Our goal today is a day of rest, and this evening we have a 15th birthday party for one of the girls who lives on camp. Wes is giving the message, and I am praying a prayer of blessing. The rental group leaves at 2, and the party “begins” at 4:30. Of course, that probably means 6, but the dininghall still has to be clean by 4:30!

Tomorrow our puppy goes to some friends’ property where she can be within walls and no one can walk off with her while we’re gone, we pay for our next year of residency in Honduras, and we finish all errands and packing. And Tuesday morning we leave home for 8 months. To go … home.

A few years ago we were discussing and defining “home” with a group of MKs (missionary kids) preparing to go away to college. I realized that for me, often time home is where I’m not. Now, don’t take that wrong!  It sounds bad! What I mean is… home is where I’m going back to. (Grammar Nazis, don’t mess with me!) But at this very moment, home is where I’m leaving. I have a feeling I’ll experience that a few times in this upcoming trip: leaving Miami (believe it or not), leaving Aldan, leaving Taylor U (and leaving Ellie behind)…

We have so little time in every place we’re going! There’s a saying, “Every hello means another good-bye.” Please pray for our hearts during this FUN time with lots of hellos and lots of good-byes!

…but now it’s time for the party!


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