Filling in the Gaps – 1

Since our return to Honduras, we have been traveling more than we’ve been “home” (and where IS home?). We’d like to fill in the gaps a bit here on our blog. We will try to do this in 6 brief posts!

We had laid some groundwork for an introduction to the Garifuna world before leaving the US, but we needed to get through the big Easter Retreat on camp before branching out. The day after Easter, we received an invitation to hit the ground running!

We drove to La Ceiba and stayed with a missionary family we’d never met who sets up aquaponics systems for ministries. DSC03158

SIL missionaries Roger and Marilyn Reeck introduced us to several Garifuna leaders in Corozal, including Deiby. We spent a few days in the area learning about the Garifuna Bible Institute and Amiga, a grassroots Garifuna ministry. We attended our first church service in the Garifuna language. Truly, we’d never felt so white!

IMG_0464 (2)

On the way home we met other missionaries working with Garifuna churches in Tela. We stayed in this rustic cabin on the beach. It had running water and a fan. The owner is a Garifuna man who has retired from teaching elementary school. He was touched by our interest in his culture.

cabana - Triunfo

We were able to track down a pastor we met on camp last year! His children helped us find their church.


The highlight of Joel’s trip was …


The journey continues…



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