Final Blessing

As we were getting ready to move from camp to a house nearly 6 hours away, many things seemed to be going wrong. The most challenging was that the moving truck came over 2 hours late, after telling us they were going to arrive at least an hour early! This messed up the timing of many things, including dinner at our friends’ house. They were helping us load the truck, so they didn’t get to cook!

We decided to just take them home and then go pick up fried chicken at a local restaurant. We arrived at their house noisily, just to realize we had ALL forgotten it was small group night! They are the hosts! We snuck around to the back of the house to say good-bye – hoping their kids would notice and slip out to say good-bye. They did. After we had what we expected to be our final hugs, the leader of the group invited us in for prayer.

As it turns out, the leader is the first man Wes identified as someone to pour into and develop! Ten years ago, he was a fearful man who believed in God but lived in fear. His brow was constantly furrowed with an intensity motivated by fear. We enjoyed studying the Bible with him and his family and worshiping with them weekly on camp. When he opened his mouth to pray for us, it brought tears of JOY to our eyes! His prayer was full of faith and power! The growth in him over the past 10 years is indescribable! What a BLESSING FROM GOD to be able to receive ministry from one we had ministered to over the years!
As we all left with tears streaming down our faces, our car wouldn’t start! The men – Wes and the two he had spent the most ministry time with over the years – began tinkering. By the time they got the car going, we were all laughing and enjoying the night! It was probably 8pm by the time we got to the restaurant, but we bought the last four pieces of chicken and enjoyed our time tremendously! Thank you, Lord!


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