Youth Convention – Santa Fe

Semana Santa (Holy Week) was very different for our family this year, since we were not at camp! We experienced our first Garifuna Youth Convention, which is held every year during the week leading up to Easter. Here are a few “snapshots” of our week.

Garifuna youth bus

The kids left bright and early Thursday morning to travel by bus from our town to Santa Fe, where Garifuna youth from various parts of the US, Belize and Honduras came together to focus on what God has for them in this time in their lives.


Our kids stood out in the crowd physically, but we were told by more than one leader that they blended right in with the other youth! (Can you find Abigail in the picture?!)


Youth chose a team to be on to minister: service, worship, dance, drama, or intercession. During, before and after each service people were praying off to the side and in the back.


Wes and I went on Friday, since he was scheduled to speak on Saturday. We wanted to give our kids space to enjoy the convention without us hanging around, but we also wanted to get a feel for the event before Wes’s turn to speak.

The road was as much pot hole as macadam, making travel … exciting!


We stayed with a local pastor, Julio, and his wife Maura, who was recovering from surgery. It was a blessing to visit with her, since she was not to leave the house to participate in the event. We enjoyed getting to know another pastoral couple in a Garifuna community.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.10.03 PM

Much of the worship was in Garifuna, though we sang a few songs in Spanish. Worship was joyful and heartfelt! We hope to send a video by email, since we can’t post here!


The view from our hosts’ home brought the sights, sounds and smells of the beach right to our bedroom window! Friday evening’s service was held on this basketball court on the beach behind our host house.


Once again we had a wonderful time of worship and a mission team from El Salvador shared the message. Many people passing by stopped to listen for a while.



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  1. Posted by Lisa Buckwalter on April 1, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    THANKS FOR INCLUDING US! I was thinking of how different Holy Week would be for you this year! Your post was a beautiful window into your lives! 🙂 Lisa B.

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